Sweet news from Malakkastraat!

My name is Natalia Berezhnaia. I am an ethnic Ukrainian, I was born in Western Ukraine, in the city of Lviv. A year ago I came to the Netherlands. My daughter Anastasia lives here and I am happy to be with her and her family here in The Hague.

My former professional career had a close connection to arts and antiquariat. I worked at the intersection of e-commerce and art business. I always loved making cakes, experimenting with flavors, creating something new. During Covid pandemic I had the opportunity to learn the art of creating cream flowers. For me it is very fascinating and challenging. It is an opportunity to create delicious and very beautiful cakes at the same time.

About cakes and flower decorations

The Japanese idea of enjoying not only the taste of a dish, but also its aesthetics is close to my heart. It is from this conviction I create my cakes and desserts. My motto in my work: very delicious and beautiful. I make flower compositions from soft Italian meringue. For this light and delicious cream, you only need three natural ingredients: egg whites, sugar and lemon juice.

My aspirations

It is not a secret that the Netherlands is a flower kingdom. People here appreciate and love flowers. And in the confectionery business I would like to offer the people of The Hague something special: cakes of the highest taste qualities with unique floral decorations. I am very interested in working and cooperating with restaurants, pastry shops and cafes. And of course I would like to be able to create more unique cakes for people to enjoy. In fact I dream of opening a small cosy cake shop someday. “

Met vriendelijke groet,
Anastasia & Natalia

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