2010 Community Council minutes

25 November 2010
21 September 2010
10 June 2010
25 March 2010
21 January 2010

25 November 2011
A&W Community Council meeting

Mrs A. Beekman, Mr A. Bloembergen, Mr B. Bos, Mrs M. Bos, Mrs E. Drijver,  Mr W. van Gijn, Mr D. Hazekamp, Mr G. Hooft Graafland, Mr M.C. van der Hoog, Mr R. de Jong, Mrs A. ter Kuile, Mrs L. Punt – de Zwaan, Mrs E. Verhulst, Mr G. Spierenburg (The Hague Municipality), Mrs N. Mulder, Mrs B. Aardewerk, Mr E. Thedinga, Mr G. Meeuwenhuys, Mr B. Huisman, Mr W. Taekema, Mr P. Munnikes (minutes secretary), Mr R. van Moorsel, Mrs H. Hoogenraad, Mrs A. Getachew (diaconal community worker), Mr J.F. Vrind, Mr A. Lakerveld (member of the local council for the VVD party), Mr H. Kentgens (Haaglanden Police), Mrs Y. Ipema  (Haaglanden Police)
Absent with notice:
Mrs  M. vd Zalm, Mrs  E. Ponsen, Mrs  E. Blitz

1. Opening, announcements; no additional agenda points

The chairman, Wybe Taekema, opens the meeting at 20.00h, welcomes those present and asks everyone to sign the attendance list.

2. Minutes 10 September 2010 Community Council Meeting

Enno Thedinga has noticed that erroneously, his name is not on the list of those present.
Apart from this correction, the minutes were accepted.

3. Parking regulations

Wybe Taekema reports that the City Council has listened carefully to the local complaints and that the proposed new regulations, as discussed in the meeting of 21 September 2010, will probably not be implemented.

4. Feedback Group Koninginnegracht tram tunnel

Willem van Gijn, member of the Feedback Group, recaps on the tram tunnel story so far (see e.g. point 4A2 of the 10 June 2010 Community Council Meeting minutes).
The outcome is that no tram tunnel will be built, and the tram route will remain at ground level.
The majestic chestnut trees along Koninginnegracht will probably escape the chop, but the sycamore trees, however, will have to be cleared.
The rails are worn out and need replacing anyway because of the heavier rolling stock (Randstad Rail) that will travel along the route in the future.
After some initial distrust about the Council’s intentions, eventually all went well. Willem van Gijn is applauded for his efforts.

5. Graffiti arrangement

Derk Hazekamp reiterates the procedure and conditions explained at the previous Community Council Meeting.
The arrangement is meant for local residents and “small” companies. According to the contract, graffiti will be removed once a month.
However, those interested have to first contact Martijn van Faassen (Public Space working group) at graffiti@archipelwillemspark.nl (or visit the A&W website) and complete an application form. Only then the graffiti can be reported to the graffitimeldpunt (Graffiti Hotline), after which it will be removed within a month. This arrangement evolved from a City Council initiative.
The new arrangement will be promoted in the next Community Newspaper. Until now, the uptake has been rather slow.
Betty Aardewerk mentions that the Council told the manager of the Jewish Cemetery  (behind the wall along Timorstraat) it is not eligible to participate in the arrangement.
However, Bert Bos happens to know that the arrangement does indeed apply to the wall of the Roman Catholic Cemetery (backing onto the gardens of the houses along “higher” Bankastraat.
Wybe Taekema offers to write a letter, if necessary, to support the interests of the Jewish Cemetery.

6. Wall Poetry

Just as in the city of Leiden, there is a plan to install wall poetry in suitable locations in the Archipel/Willemspark area.
A committee chaired by Mrs Ruth van Rossum and including Mr Gilles Hooft Graafland, visited Leiden where some 60 different poems have already been applied to various walls there.  The committee has already familiarized itself with all the technical requirements such as the type of paint required, preparation of the walls, etc.
The plan is to install the first poem on a wall in the Surinamestraat: the property of theKoninklijke Haagse Woningvereniging (housing association) established in 1854 that constructed the hofje behind the wall. A letter has already been sent requesting permission. Because of the international character of the neighbourhood, the intension is to have a few non-Dutch poems as well.

7. Concept Mobility Bill

A working group chaired by Guus Nieuwenhuys is studying this Bill and will prepare an opinion to be submitted by 24 December 2010 at the latest.

8. Community Festival

The community festival will take place on 18 June 2011.
Volunteers are requested to get in touch.

9. A&W working groups and media

9A Working group Traffic
Willem van Gijn reports. All “hard” agreements with the municipal council regarding Bankastraat have been implemented. Further refurbishment of Bankastraat appeared to be postponed indefinitely, but in the meantime it has become clear that Bankastraat will probably be on the so-called Sterroute for cyclists. It seems probable that the work will now go ahead.
An objection was filed a while ago against the plan to allocate parking places close to Police Headquarters to Special Patrol vehicles. The objection has been rejected.

9B Working group Public Space
Enno Thedinga reports. A new member has joined this wg: Henk van der Leden. The wg will have a meeting on 16 December with an architect who may be willing to advise them.
Albert Heijn appears to find the presence of different contact persons confusing and contradictory. Auke Bloembergen offers to coordinate and be the sole focal point for Albert Heijn.

9C Working group Urban Planning
Derk Hazekamp mentions that a previous plan to plant trees in the Atjehstreet seems to have sunk into oblivion. Contact has been re-established with the Head of the Green Areas Dept., Gerrit van der Hut.  He he has made it clear that the matter is not top priority for him, and has advised us to get back to early in 2011.
Inconvenience caused by football on the street will be solved by the use of smaller goals. This method seems to have been successful elsewhere.
Erika Verhulst remarks that the location of the social sofa is not ideal; furthermore, there are already signs of slight damage. A suitable permanent location will be found as soon as the Bankastreet has been refurnished.
After a number of complaints, the paper and glass recycling containers are now emptied more often than in the past. Derk Hazekamp will investigate whether the number of containers should be increased.
Auke Bloembergen has noticed that members of the expat community in particular use the green bins supplied to households for organic waste for other kinds of garbage. He asks that the Municipal Council explain the use of these bins more clearly in a bilingual letter to be distributed in the neighbourhood. Council representative Gerard Spierenburg will investigate.
It is suggested that the municipal expat desk could play a role here.

9D Archipel/ Willemspark Senior Citizens group
Betty Aardewerk has been in contact with a number of organizations to try to inject new life into the meeting point for senior citizens in the Schakelpunt Care Centre on B. Patijnlaan. Care Provider Florence has in the meantime said that space is now available.
Lenie Punt reports that the coffee meetings in Borneoflat 5 are a great success.

9E Website
After eight years (maximum statutory period of office) as board secretary, Ank Beekman has now stepped down but will continue to coordinate the website and the digital newsletter.

9F Digital billboard
Auke Bloembergen reports that there is now a digital billboard three-man editorial team consisting of Isabelle Hylkema, Marcel Weijermans and Auke himself.

10. Police and City Council

10A Police

The chairman mentions an e-mail message from Marianne van der Zalm (wg van Repelaer Woods) concerning the nuisance caused in the Bosje van Repelaer. The nuisance and destructive behaviour by ‘hooligans’ continues. Although the police have spoken with Marianne and with a number of the culprits, the problem persists. Further consultations with the City Council and Police will take place.
Henk Kentgens (Haaglanden Police) informs us that this problem already has the full attention of the corps.
The SMS-alert is a success. More and more reactions are being received.

10B City Council

Hendrik Spierenburg (representative of The Hague City Council) presents a flyer announcing a city district talk between local citizens and the alderman for Education and Public Services, Ingrid van Engelshoven scheduled to take place in the Klokhuis Community Centre on 7 December at 20.00 (doors open at 19.30).The evening will be chaired by radio and TV presenter Menno Bentveld.
Relevant documents can be viewed at www.denhaag.nl/stadsdeelgesprekken.
Gilles Hooft Graafland (Vice Chairman of the A&W board) wonders, however, whether this initiative is not in conflict with the principle to centralize contact between citizens and City Council through the Community Council.

11. Other business and closure

Max van der Hoog has noticed a solitary post in the central grassy area in Surinamestraat; he wonders what it is for? There happens to be someone present who knows the answer: a very young sapling was recently planted and so the mystery is solved.
Noor Mulder (Couperusduin) complains there is still a lot of rubbish around the recycling containers on Burg. Patijnlaan. She suggests that shrubs be planted in the verge alongside the ditch to screen the containers so that they cannot be seen from the Couperusduin apartments. The council will look into it.
Hester Hoogenraad introduces Aklil Getachew, the Vredeskapel’s new diaconal community worker.
Marjolein Bos finds that cars ascending the higher section of Bankastraat drive exceed the speed limit more often those descending the hill. She suggests that the electronic speed indicator be moved to a different spot. Someone observes that the indicator has no permanent location and has already been moved a number of times.

The chairman concludes the meeting at approximately 21.45.

The next Community Council meeting will take place on 25 January 2011
in ‘t Klokhuis Community Centre

Translation: Antoinette van der Maas
terug naar boven

21 September 2010
A&W Community Council meeting

approx. 50 people before and 20 people after the break.
Before the break: E. van Amstel, Ms A. Beekman, V. Bleijs, Ms E. Blitz, Mr A. Bloembergen, Mr W. Borsboom, Mr B. Bos, Ms T. Dedel, Mr T. Dike, Ms E. Drijver, Ms M. Engwirda, Mr T.W. Feenstra, Ms W.H. Ferman – van Klaveren, Ms M.L. Gerla, A.L.H.R. Gerla, Mr W. van Gijn, Mr J. van Haersolte, Mr D. Hazekamp, Mr G. Hooft Graafland, Mr M.C. van der Hoog, Ms D. Huis, Mr J.P. van Iersel, Mr. R. de Jong, Mr R. Klein, Mr A.F. v.d. Kooi, Ms A. ter Kuile, Ms A. v.d. Maas, Mr W.M. Oostdam, J. van Panhuys, Ms E. Ponsen, Ms L. Punt – de Zwaan, Ms Q. de Ranitz, Ms A. Roelofsz, Mr M.P.E. van Roijen, Mr G. Sandberg, Ms J. Sandberg-Praetorius, Ms R.M. Spronk, Mr W. Stolte, Mr M.F. Stokhuyzen, A. de Sturler, D. van Tetterode, Mr S. Verbeeck, Ms E. Verhulst, T. Vissers, Ms I. Vonck, R. v.d. Wal, Mr M. Weimar, B. Wijnberg, Ms M. Zuurbier
Absent with notice: Mr W.Abels, Ms N. Mulder, Ms B. Aardewerk, Ms M vd Zalm, Mr G. Spierenburg

Minutes taker: R. de Jong

1. Opening, announcements and agenda

The chairman, Wybe Taekema, opened the meeting at 20:00 hours. He welcomed those present and requested them to sign the attendance list.
Priority was given to discussing the proposed introduction of the City Councils’ uniform parking regulations (UPC).
Ms Bornebroek, UPC project leader in the City Management Service explained the proposed new regulations to the meeting and answered questions.
The City Council has received a large number of complaints following their letter to residents on the UPC. Complaints include that it will penalize visitors and that parking tariffs will increase. The Council has reviewed the complaints and amended the draft UPC. The amendments mean that the existing paid parking times in the Archipel quarter remain unchanged, but changes will be introduced in Willemspark: being paid parking Monday to Saturday from 09:00 hours to 24:00 hours and on Sunday from 13:00 hours to 24:00 hours.
Residents will receive a permit to park one car for €3 per month and a second car for €35 per month. The permit entitles Archipel residents to 188 parking hours per visitor per year and Willemspark residents to 277 hours. Parking hours will be digitally recorded. Extra permits may be purchased for €3.50 per permit. The entitlement hours applies to all the permits together.
Special rules apply to foreign visitors, contractors visiting residents, offices at home, visiting domestic help, etc. Inquiries can be made at the Council offices for the rules in these cases.
The City Council will make their final decision at the end of 2010, after which the new parking regulations will be introduced on 1st March 2011.
Ms Bornebroek emphasized that the parking tariff increases are not an additional source of income for the Council but will cover the costs of enforcing the new regulations.
The Chairman thanked Ms Bornebroek for her presentation and remarked that the objections raised by the residents’ organization to the new regulations had apparently been successful. The Council still has to determine the final version of the new regulations. Anyone still having objections to the new regulations or tariffs should contact the Council directly.

Also see …


2. Minutes of the Community Council Meeting of 10 June 2010

Minutes were accepted with the exception of a spelling mistake (in the name Spall).

3. Graffiti removal contract

Under this contract graffiti is removed once per month. Anyone wishing to use the contract must apply to Martijn van Faassen (Public Space working party) and sign a declaration of consent. Apply to graffiti@archipelwillemspark.nl
Further information will be made available via the website and newsletter. Graffiti should be notified to the graffiti focal point so that it can be removed within a month. The contract is the result of a welcome initiative by the City Council.

4. Other news from the board, working parties and lobby groups

a. Feedback group Koninginnegracht tram tunnel
Willem van Gijn reported that the group’s objections to the tunnel have been presented in consultations with the City Council and that the group’s standpoint will be included in the final report.
b. Progress on the Bankastraat citizen’s initiative (1,100 signatures collected)
A Council policy document on mobility is being developed. The Banka-route will be a so-called “star-route” for cyclists. The speed of traffic descending the Hoge Banka has reduced, but is still too fast. A permanent solution for this is awaited.

c. Working groups: reports on activities
The Public Space working group is reviewing the following: football annoyance, LTO Nederland, underground storage of garbage, “frequent emptying!”, putting bags of garbage outside on street: “better late than early”. Garbage collection and street sweeping should be harmonized with each other, ashtrays at tram stops, overgrown house-front gardens, too full garbage bins on Nassauplein and Patijnlaan.
The Urban Planning working group is in contact with AH Real Estate.

d. A&W media: community newspaper, website, newsletter, digital billboard
The community newspaper is at the printer and will be distributed soon. Matters arising during this meeting will be publicized on the website. Subscriptions to the newsletter, which is issued every two weeks, are growing. The digital billboard is viewable at AH and Citronics.

5. Police, council and welfare

Criminal activity is reducing. Nothing further to report.

6. Any other business and close of meeting

The chairman announced the retirement of Mrs. Ank Beekman as secretary due to expiry of her statutory period of office (2 x 4 years). She will be sorely missed. A replacement is being sought. Ms. Tieke Dedel is prepared to become a member of the board.

A question was raised on the implications of having non-Dutch speakers in the community. The reply was that this is receiving attention. The website has an English section.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 22:10 hours.

Next meeting Thursday 25th November 2010 at 20:00 in ‘t Klokhuis

Translation: Peter Comley
terug naar boven

10 June 2010
A&W Community Council meeting

Present: Mrs Aardewerk, Mrs Beekman, Mrs Bos, Mrs Drijver, Mrs ter Kuile, Mrs Mulder, Mrs Verhulst, Mrs Vonck, Mrs Van der Zalm ; Mr Bentinck, Mr Bloembergen, Mr Bos, Mr Dike, Mr Van Gijn, Mr Hazekamp, Mr Van der Hoog, Mr Huisman,  Mr Kentgens (police),  Mr. Klein, Mr Landheer, Mr. Munnikes (stand-in minutes secretary), Mr Spierenburg (The Hague city council), Mr Taekema, Mr Van Tetterode, Mr Thedinga.
Absent with notice: Mrs Arendse, Mrs. Blitz, Mrs Hoogenraad, Mr Abels

1. Opening, announcements, agenda

Chairman Wybe Taekema  opens the meeting at 20.00 h. He introduces a number of newcomers:

  • Bert and Marjolein Bos, former residents of Rijswijk,  who will soon take up residence in Bankastraat,. Bert is still chairman of the Leeuwendaal community council and hopes to be active in Archipel/Willemspark in the future
  • Erika Verhulst and Derk Hazekamp, both members of the working party Public Space. Inge van Spall not present tonight, will also become a member of this working party. The working party will be brought back to life (see Minutes of previous community council meeting).
  • Gerard Spierenburg, here on behalf of The Hague city council
  • Peter Munnikes, who has declared himself willing to be active in the community, will take care of the Minutes of this meeting.

All present sign a card with best wishes for Mrs. Cateau van der Hoog, who is in poor health. Ank Beekman will make sure that the card will reach her.
The agenda is accepted without any changes.

2. Minutes of Community Council Meeting of March 25,  2010

Point 3. Tros should read TROS
Point 6. Alexanderstraat should read Alexanderveld.
The minutes are accepted without any further changes.

3. First reaction to the coalition agreement of the new City Council

Wybe Taekema informs us that a letter has been sent to the new City Council on behalf of 16 community organizations representing neighbourhoods closest to the NW main arterial route.

In spite of the criticisms expressed in the letter, these organizations declare themselves willing to collaborate with the new City Council. Betty Aardewerk compliments the phrasing in this letter.

Letter can be found on the A&W  website (in Dutch) at http://www.archipelbuurt.nl/pages/documents/100601BriefaanBWenraad.doc

It is disappointing that the former alderman for Traffic, Peter Smit (VVD), has retained the same position on the new council.

4. Other news from the board, working parties and lobby groups

4A1. Progress citizens initiative Bankastraat 

Willem van Gijn reports. Adjustments to the roundabout on Bankaplein have been completed. Now that the flowerbed around the fountain is wider, it is impossible to negotiate Bankaplein in a straight line.
The junction between Bankahoogte and Alettta Jacobsweg has been changed in such a way that cars have to slow down, improving traffic safety.
Adjustments to the wider part of Bankastraat have been delayed and will be carried out later (part of major maintenance work already planned). The original plan was to carry out the work in 2010, but this will now probably not happen before 2011 or 2012. The delay is also due to cutbacks that the council has been forced to implement.
Auke Bloembergen remarks that all council members have agreed on this point in the past and that the year 2010 was a firm commitment. Willem van Gijn will check.
Willem seems to remember that in the past AH has promised to participate in the costs of the refurbishment of Bankastraat and remarks that alterations to the AH supermarket could be synchronised. This could be used as an argument for the work to be brought forward.

4A2. Feedback group Koninginnegracht

Willem van Gijn, member of this group, reports:
A quite remarkable condition for participation in the feedback group is acknowledgement of the fact that tram 9 does cause problems for traffic flow. The City Council pretends that adjustments to the tram route along Koninginnegracht are for the benefit of public transport, while residents are convinced that the Council means to give preferential treatment to the flow of car traffic.
Tram 9 causes 0% delay at the Javastraat crossing and  3-10% at Laan Copes. The Laan Copes delay is caused by a faulty adjustment of the traffic lights there. The real bottleneck is elsewhere: at the Bosbrug, but no tram tunnel has been planned for this section of the route.  In the feedback group there are two points of interest for A&W: preservation of the trees along Koninginnegracht and burden of traffic through the neighbourhood. Willem will focus on concerns about traffic in A&W.
Initially it seemed that the trees would have to be cleared anyway, as the embankment would have to be replaced. In the meantime a report has been published saying that the embankment can be replaced without cutting down trees. If a tram tunnel is excavated, about 100 trees will inevitably be cleared.
Moreover, it has also been established that tram rails at ground level (maaiveld+) can be replaced without cutting down trees.
The Council has made it clear that €100 million was earmarked for public transport and that therefore the money cannot be used for any other purpose.
The feedback group intends to now focus on pushing for the ‘maaiveld+‘ (ground level) option; Randstadrail rail lines and tram carriages twice the capacity they are now.
Adjustments to the total section of the route (Nieuwe Parklaan included) required for the ‘maaiveld+‘ option for tram 9 would cost about the same as for a tram tunnel. Wethouder Smit has (informally) expressed the view that he would be willing to consider cancelling the tunnel options if the ‘maaiveld+‘ (ground level) solution is sustainable for 30 years.
Paul Westra is chairman of the feedback group. This group was allowed to add one extra item to the list of points to be discussed, which made it possible to express our specific (different) views.
Betty Aardewerk will try to find out whether public minutes of the group’s meetings exist. 

4B1 Working party Public Space

Erika Verhulst reports that this working party has had its first meeting and will present its ideas shortly.
Marjolein Bos asks whether we participated in the national garbage clean-up day. The answer is no.
Betty Aardewerk reports that the benches around de jeux de boules behind the Alexanderflat have been removed. Erika reports that during an Alexanderflat residents meeting, complaints were made about the noise levels of groups of youths hanging about on the benches. Consequently, Staedion has removed the benches.
Residents now take their own chairs. Noor Mulder regrets the fact that the benches have been removed.
Gerard Spierenburg (City Council) reports that residents rejected the initial plan for a playground in Delistraat. The City Council will now drawn up a new plan and present it to the residents.
Auke Bloembergen remarks that there is a lot of annoyance about the garbage containers in front of Couperusduin and particularly the mess around them. The working party Public Space is asked to look into whether they can be located underground.

4B2 Working group Environmental planning

Tim Dike reports: The building permits for new apartments on Frederikstraat depend on a ruling from the Council of State.
Things are at a deadlock regarding the extension at the back of the school on Frederikstraat.
There has been a meeting in the Bataaf tennis club where more details have been presented about the 15 apartments planned in Prinsevinkenpark. They seem to be acceptable.
On the old parking lot behind Sumatrastraat, DPI-Real Estate will build several “hofje”-style homes.
Three new properties have been planned for the site in Celebesstraat where the old library school used to be. Details are as yet unknown.
Berend Bentinck reports that, to the displeasure of the neighbours, the owners of no.6 Surinamestraat plan to install a swimming pool in the back garden.  There are several grounds on which an objection can be lodged: contrary to the zoning plan and to the historic buildings and ancient monuments act. Objections have indeed been lodged.
Ank Beekman reports that extension of AH will not be realised before February/March 2011 because one of the locals has lodged an objection against the building plans.

4B3 Working party Traffic

Wybe Taekema reports on the proceedings started against the Council of State.
Generally speaking an administrative judge rules when legal standards are concerned, but is reticent in the case of policy matters. The VCP is a matter of policy, as environmental standards do not play a legal role in our case. Future environmental standards (fijnstof) that may now be being exceeded have not yet laid down in law.
The court has suggested mediation between the Council and the aggrieved parties. A&W has asked the Council to cover all costs for mediation. Alderman Smit rejected the proposal outright.  The A&W residents Association has therefore withdrawn from mediations.
Willem van Gijn makes it known that an extra 50 parking places will be reserved for the police on Alexanderveld. Willem will object: there is already a parking problem.

4C1 A&W Newspaper

Eva Drijver reports that the A&W Newspaper will appear shortly (frequency is 5 times a year).
No further news.

4C2 Website and e-mail Newsletter

Ank Beekman calls on everybody to canvas for additional volunteers and suggests that (new) working parties present themselves on the A&W Website and in the A&W Newspaper.
She would also like the working parties to send their minutes to her for posting on the Website, which is already attracting 3,000 different visitors a month. The website Newsletter has about 300 subscribers. It is generally sent out once every fortnight and usually read very quickly after publication.

4C3 Digital Billboard

Auke Bloembergen is now the only person taking care of the Digital Billboard and would like one extra person to help him.  Derk Hazekamp promises help.
These two people will look into the possibility of adapting the layout  to accommodate the Council’s  format.
There are now three locations where the Digital Billboard can be read: ’t Klokhuis Community Centre, Citronics (on Frederikstraat) and AH in Sumatrastraat. Once AH has been refurbished, the screen there could possibly be assigned a better position in the supermarket.

4D1 Couperusduin Residents group

Noor Mulder reports that apart from the annoyance about the garbage containers (see 4D Public Space), there is nothing further of relevance for the meeting.

4D2 Working group Scheveningse Bosjes

Bert Huisman reports that nothing has come of the proposals in the past. He will continue to monitor the Bosjes.

4D3 Working group Bosjes van Repelaer

Marianne v.d. Zalm reports that an old wall is leaning dangerously due to subsidence and needs attention. Mr Spierenburg will contact the Council.
Youths loitering in the park are causing problems and have already vandalized some of the benches. It is regularly noisy at night. Henk Kentgenrs (community police officer) promises that a plan will be made to address the problem.

4D4 Surinamestraat Residents group

Berend Bentinck reports that a satisfactory solution has finally been found to the problem for turning vehicles. Posts will be installed and plant containers will be removed.
Max van der Hoog expresses his displeasure about the Council’s inefficiency in the process and the high costs involved.
There was confusion about the planting of trees, as initially a number of them could not be planted because of underground cables. Eventually trees were planted in spite of the cables and so far there have been no power cuts.

5. Police, Council, local well-being

5.1 Police

Henk Kentgens (community police officer) reports that a number of arrests have been made in the neighbourhood but gave no details. He asks for Marianne van der Zalm’s phone number; she had reported the problems in the Bosjes van Repelaer (see 4D3 Bosjes van Repelaer).
SMS-alert is now operational in the neighbourhood. Furthermore he reports that contacts with BBOZ (Zeehelden district maintenance and development trust) are good.

5.2 City Council

Gerard Spierenburg reports that there will be a 10% cut-back in the Council’s budget for the year 2011. It is still unknown how this will be achieved.
For refurbishment of Delistraat shrubbery: see point 4B1 (Public Space).

5.3 Well-being

Boog (a charitable organization for community structure) has carried out a neighbourhood survey amongst  approximately 70 inhabitants. Alderman van Alphen has made the relevant addresses available. Betty Aardewerk wonders if privacy was not being violated here; furthermore, she had heard that the list had been compiled in a careless manner.
CIS (International Cooperation Centre – VU University of Amsterdam) has carried out a similar survey, in which 250 people have been approached and 80 have responded. The working party Well-being (not only A&W) will keep a close eye on things.

6. Other business and conclusion of meeting

Berend Bentinck asks about the reconstruction of Nassauplein. For budgetary reasons this has now been discontinued.  Previous advice: handle Bankastraat refurbishment first.
Enno Thedinga remarks that the traffic sign on the corner of  Laan Copes and Balistraat is confusing and sometimes causes drivers wanting to go to Amsterdam turn into Balistraat.

At around 21.45h. the chairman concludes the meeting and invites all present for drinks and further talks.

Next community council meeting in ‘t Klokhuis on 23 September 2010 at 20.00

Translation: Antoinette van der Maas
terug naar boven

25 March 2010
A&W Community Council meeting

Present: Mrs Aardewerk, Mrs Beekman, Mrs Blitz,  Mrs ter Kuile, Mrs Mulder, Mrs Nuij-Dols, Mrs Vaartjes, Mrs Arendse (minutes secretary); Mr Bentinck, Mr Bloembergen, Mr Dike, Mr Hooft Graafland, Mr Landheer, Mr Nieuwenhuys.
Absent with notice: Mrs Drijver, Mrs Hoogenraad, Mrs VanTill; Mr Van Gijn, Mr Klein, Mr Taekema

1. Opening, announcements, agenda

Chairman Wybe Taekema is unable to attend; vice chairman Gilles Hooft Graafland opens the meeting at 20.00 h. The agenda is accepted without any changes.

2. Minutes of Community Council Meeting of January 21, 2010

Point 3. Police: Canvassing of participants for SMS Alert will start on March 26 with visits to shops and the distribution of flyers; also among shoppers on the streets. Leaflets are also available at the local police station and ‘t Klokhuis as well as from the community council itself.
Point 3. Council: planting of flowers in Surinamestraat delayed because of the cold weather.The minutes are accepted without any changes.

3. Evaluation meeting on upcoming council elections

More than 100 people came to the meeting on the upcoming council elections of February 8. Political party VVD was absent (without notice) because of illness. It was an agreeable evening; useful and well prepared.
Ank Beekman would like feedback about the advice on how to vote. Can the community council indeed give advice in this way? Reactions are positive, it was good advice and all important issues were addressed. The website information was also clear. Ank hopes that in future the council will listen better to the local people.  Eveline Blitz tells us that on April 6, TROS Television will have an item on involvement of local people in council matters, the so-called ‘Haagse Handvatten’.

4. Other news from the board, working parties and lobby groups

a. Progress Bankastraat:
Around the fountain extra soil has now been added. All work was delayed because of the cold weather. Annemargriet Vaartjes remarks that the traffic sign showing the speed of the cars coming down the Bankastraat seemd to work well; why was is removed? Maaike Nuij tells us the board is circulating; maybe it could return?  Dide Labots (council) is the contact person.

b. Working parties:

Through Traffic: Gilles informs us that the council has set up a Koninginnegracht sounding-board group. Willem van Gijn is a member. A first meeting has already taken place. The council is using improper arguments to cut down the chestnut trees along the gracht. The sounding-board group is now focusing on the proposed solution  ‘maaiveld+‘ (ground level), which could mean Randstadrail’s tracks and tram cars will be twice as long. Eveline (also a member of the sounding-board group) is doubtful whether participation in this group is useful. How much energy will it take and what will be the outcome? A second opinion has been requested on saving the chestnut trees. Gilles would like to receive reports from the sounding-board group for the A/W newspaper and website. Tim Dike would like to raise more resistance in the area; people do not seem to realize the consequences and do not feel the urgency to take action.
Auke Bloembergen feels that sufficient action has been taken; after all, the working group Through Traffic is addressing the problem. There are other issues in the district. Gilles decides we have to await further developments.

Environmental Planning: Auke informs us that this working group will meet on March 26 to discuss its scope of authority and possible further expansion.
Tim Dike reports that the basic development plans for Prinsevinkenpark has been accepted. It is a well-thought out plan involving the building of 15 new apartments. DPI-Real Estate plans to build 10 mews houses (hofjes) on the former parking lot behind Sumatrastraat.

Public Space: this working group has now been re-established and comprises members Erica Verhulst, Betty Aardewerk and Martijn van Faassen. We need more participants in this group.

 A&W media: Ank warns that running the A/W website is a lot of work for a very small group of people. They urgently need support! There are around 3,000 to 3,500 visitors to the site per month and more than 200 Dutch and 100 expat subscribers to the newsletter prove that this is an excellent medium, also attracting visitors from outside the area.
The Oranje Comité has been given an e-mail address via the site oranje@archipelbuurt.nl and information about the 2010 Queen’s Birthday festivities will be featured on a special web page, making it possible for people to subscribe to planned activities.
Eveline proposes that all present will approach one or two persons to ask them to help with the website work: putting technical information on the site, writing texts, translating texts.
Auke: A third digital billboard has been placed in the window of Citronics in Frederikstraat (thanks to Annette ter Kuile). Here, too, we need editors.

Wall Poetry: Gilles: the idea of poetry on walls has been met with enthusiasm. The council has put aside a sum of  €50,000 for each district in order to improve public space. Perhaps the first poem could be located at the Javastraat end of Surinamestraat, opposite the Couperus statue?

5. Police, council, quality of life in the area

Henk Kentgens (community police officer) informs us that the neighbourhood is quiet at the moment.
In Atjehstraat, some youths have been making a nuisance of themselves, but it was not difficult to address them and explain the inconvenience caused. Localpupils working alongside BBOZ took part in a clean-up campaign in schools.

Maaike Nuij (council): the janitor of Het Schakelpunt is making an inventory of the inhabitants’ needs. Staedion and Florence will have to take action now. The janitor’s room could also serve as a small meeting room. The library has been moved to ‘t Klokhuis. Betty knows that Boog is conducting a wider survey among the 70+ residents. There are regular discussions on the subject  between Boog and councillor Van Alphen. The council favours a plan for the Schakelpunt that will be supported by all parties involved.

Plein 1813: Many people find the storage of all kinds of materials on Plein 1813 an eyesore. Eveline would like to know whether the reconstruction plan of the roundabout was ever discussed with A&W’s community council? This does not appear to be the case. Annemargriet asks whether the historical access lanes for horse-drawn coaches will be preserved for posterity. Maaike will send the suggestion to the secretariat. Gilles compliments the council on the revamping of Frederikstraat. The street looks a lot better and is easier for cyclists to negotiate.

Maaike will become coordinator of the focal point for graffiti. This is her last meeting; Gerard Spierenburg will take over from her.

6. Other business and conclusion of meeting

Ank distributes excerpts from the annual reports 2008 and 2009 and provides information. The reaction of the council is positive. Ank has spent a lot of time producing these reports and is applauded for all her hard work. On September 1, she will stand doen as secretary. Who will be her successor?
Berend Bentinck wonders why there are so few bins and poop-scoops in the area. Maaike explains that these are only placed close to green areas, which attract more litter.
Annemargriet draws our attention to the erosion of the 1813 Monument. The reliefs are exceptional, but if nothing is done, they will have disappeared within a few years.
In September/October there will be guided tours of the local cemeteries under the motto ‘Huilen in Den Haag’ (crying in The Hague).
Noor Mulder asks when construction work around the police station will be finished. Ank explains that Patijnlaan will be finished next month, but not Alexanderveld. Information given by police during these activities was not very satisfactory.

At 21.45 the chairman concludes the meeting; discussions continued and drinks were enjoyed.

Next community council meeting in ‘t Klokhuis on 21 January 2010 at 20.00

Translation: Antoinette van der Maas

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21 January 2010
A&W Community Council meeting

Present: Mrs Aardewerk, Mrs Leidekker (Vredeskapel), Mrs Verhulst, Mrs Hoogerbrugge (police), Mrs Beekman, Mrs Punt, Mrs Janse (police), Mrs Ter Kuile, Mrs Arendse (minutes secretary); Mr Landheer, Mr Dike, Mr Boer, Mr Van Tetterode, Mr Punt, Mr Bloembergen, Mr Huisman, Mr Spierenburg (Department of Municpal Administration), Mr Klein, Mr Hooft Graafland, Mr Taekema, Mr Gieskes (Zeehelden district maintenance and development trust), Mr Daalmeijer (Zeehelden district maintenance and development trust), Mr Van Gijn, Mr Thedinga, Mr Degens, Mr Nieuwenhuys.
Absent with notice: Mrs Ten Hoope, Mrs Vd Zalm, Mrs Nuij (Dept of Municpal Admiistration); Mr Abels, Mr Lakens, Mr Nieuwenhuis.

Welcome by chairman Wybe Taekema, followed by a presentation on the environment.

What is the connection between the Copenhagen Climate Summit and Archipel & Willemspark?
Introduction by Graham Degens:
Graham has been working for many years in the oil industry and he now devotes himself to the cause of a CO2 neutral future. The Copenhagen Climate Summit has led to the insight that climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. There is a strong political wish to deal with this problem; however, no firm commitments have been made.
CO2 emission is the result of choices that we make, as is the case with other environmental problems. Graham suggests reducing our ecological footprint locally, as a community. We could meet 2-4 times a month and start environmental projects; this would also good for community feeling. How do local people feel about this?
Auke Bloembergen was present at a lecture by Wubbo Ockels. Wubbo is in favour of sun energy investments. Auke’s experience is that municipal council procedures are too slow. A lobby group of people supporting each other and submitting a communal request would help. Graham is also in contact with the Environment Centre in The Hague.
The following agreement is made: local residents with strong feelings about this subject can express their interest via the A&W secretariat. If enough people are interested a follow-up meeting will be held.

1. Announcements, agenda

Chairman Wybe Taekema reports: there are no announcements; the subject “tram tunnel Koninginnegracht” will be added to point 5.

2. Minutes of Community Council Meeting of 19 November 2009

4.1 Gerard Spierenburg (Dept. of Municipal Administration, replacing Maaike Nuij): only two reactions have been received following the questionnaire handed out to residents of the Schakelpunt Care Centre on the subject of the provision of meals. The council specifically asks that more enquiries be made.
The minutes are accepted without any changes.

3. Police and Municipal Council


Jorien Janse explains implementation of SMS-Alert in Archipel&Willemspark:
As a preliminary initiative to the implementation of “burgernet” (citizens alert), see www.burgernet.nl, police in our neighbourhood will start up an SMS-Alert. Jorien explains that local residents can register their interest at http://www.politie.nl/haaglanden/sms-alert/. Police will then send an SMS message as soon as something is wrong in the neighbourhood: an active burglar, a missing child, doorstep confidence tricksters, pickpockets, etc. People can report back to the police if they have useful information. It is expected that 30% of the locals will support this initiative. Jorien would like this news to be publicized through the A/W newspaper, website and digital billboard. Gilles Hooft Graafland suggests that leaflets could be distributed during the pre-election meeting on 8 February. A special information evening could be held, if needs be.

Muncipal Council

Gerard Spierenburg (Department City Management):
– Work on the Atjehstraat playground is finished.
– Report that young troublemakers have been active in the Cantaloup playground. Marianne Hoogerbrugge, community police officer, has already visited the location but found nothing to report.
– Surinamestraat residents will be informed that they can choose one type of flower planter for their street.
– The Bosje van Repelaer has been trimmed and pruned.
– A woman on a scootmobile (motorized wheelchair) on the Patijnlaan slipped into the water. An internal enquiry has been started to improve the municipal council’s gritting policy. A number of residents confirm that the slippery roads have indeed been extremely dangerous. Gerard also invites people to take the initiative to sweep and sprinkle salt in front of their own homes.
– The Atjehstraat tree-planting project has not yet been discussed with local residents. Planting has been delayed because of the frost; the municipality is still dealing with the backlog.
– Maaike Nuij informed Ank via an e-mail that Zeestraat will be open to cyclists again by the end of February. The stretch between Parkstraat/Kneuterdijk will be closed off to cyclists for another 18 months.

BBOZ (Zeehelden district maintenance and development trust)

Henk Daalmeijer explains the work of BBOZ in A&W public space:
This trust was set up in 1996 following the example of the French “Regie de Quartier”. It provides additional services, such as salting in streets unaccessible for the municipality vehicles, or keeping the area around the paper and glass containers clean and tidy. Long-term unemployed will carry out the work.
In Archipel&Willemspark this trust takes care of, among other things, the removal of rubbish from Mallemolen to containers, cleaning up Cantaloupenburg playground, keeping the area around glass and paper recycling containers on Nassauplein and Patijnlaan clean, clearing up dog mess (Monchyplein/ Laan Copes/ Bankaplein/Bankastraat/ Alexanderhof/ Delistraat/at the back of the cemetery/Koninginnegracht). Special attention should be given to tracking down the culprits and how this anti-social behaviour can be prevented.
Gerard adds that it is still important to always inform the municipality about these sort of complaints (T 14 070). BBOZ can also be alerted (361 5990). BBOZ can also be brought in to help withone-off events such as sweeping up after a street party.

4. Inventory of the meeting on upcoming council elections 8 February 2010 in Klokhuis Community Centre

Wybe: council representatives the political parties VVD, PvdA, GroenLinks, CDA, SP, D66 and Haagse Stadspartij have been invited to join in the debate on a number of subjects important to our neighbourhood, e.g. a number of traffic issues, diminishing care for the elderly, relationship between the city council and residents. The programme is not yet definite; agenda items can still be submitted. Max de Bok (parliamentary journalist and ex-chairman of Nieuwspoort) will chair the meeting.

5. Other news from the board, working parties and lobby groups

– Willem van Gijn (working group Traffic): on behalf of A/W we put forward our point of view at the public meeting of the Committee VML (Transportation and Environment) on 21 January 2010. See www.denhaag.nl/mijnraad for complete agenda in Dutch .
Working in alliance with organisations such as Rover, the Nature Conservation Society, Friends of The Hague and the Environmental Centre of The Hague, we have expressed our great concern about the plan for a tram tunnel under the Koninginnegracht. Councillor Smit said that no decision has yet been made. Before the summer recess a full study will be presented and until then everything is still open. Auke expresses his concern that the government will consider this to be the solution to the problems that have arisen since the VCP (Traffic Circulation Plan) was introduced. We have to keep a sharp eye on things. Willem adds that new road markings in Bankastraat have been delayed because of winter weather conditions. Regretfully, major repairs in Bankastraat will not be carried out before 2011. A project group will be set up to monitor improvements to the street.
Funding will have to be found and to this end there is already e-mail contact with Dide Labots of the city council.
– Wybe reports positive reactions to the proposal to set up a “Snel Verkeer” (Through Traffic) working group
– Willem is busy developing a new initiative regarding Javastraat. The situation for cyclists on Javabrug needs attention. An appeal has been filed against the parking permits allocated to the Paraat Peloton. The appeal has been devlared admissable and there will be a hearing shortly.
– Tim Dike (working group Environmental Planning) has filed an objection against the building plans in Frederikstraat. Enno Thedinga and Tim have a meeting scheduled with the municipal council, together bicycle repairman Chris Steenstraten. There is no permit for the present construction work, but the zoning plan allows high-density devlopment. If there are funds, Chris will be able to roof over the whole of the back of the premises.
– Auke: Martijn van Faassen would like to breathe new life into the Working group Public Space. Who would like to take part?
– Ank Beekman: the A/W website has posted all the information on the latest developments regarding the main north-west arterial route (NWH), the Koninginnegracht tunnel, etc. The digital newsletter now has more than 250 subscribers and around 3,000 people a month visit the A/W website.
– The digital billboard is to be adapted to support the standard lay-out provided by the council, but will retain the A?W corpoate fountain emblem. According to Auke this will make maintenance easier and short films will also be possible.
– Winner of the website/digital billboard Winter Photo Competition is Auke vd Kooi; his picture shows the Olympus Tower on De Monchyplein bathed in sunlight.
– Linda Fairwether Nash (Website international) and Jaap Drijver (Webmaster NL) have been presented with the A/W Residents Association’s ErePrijs 2009.
– Annemieke Leidekker (Vredeskapel and lobby group Public Welfare) reports on new talks on the subject of the Social Support Act (WMO), regarding negative developments in care for the elderly. A meeting is scheduled in the Julianakerk with councillor Van Alphen on February 2 at 19.00. It is most important that our community is represented!

6. Other business and conclusion of meeting

– Before Christmas, Tim rang T 14 070 to report a dangerous pothole in the street opposite 60 in Surinamestraat. When will something be done about this? Gerard will make enquiries.
– Enno Thedinga is displeased about the fact that a neighbouring family of three in the Balistraat owning 6 cars and a large trailer are allowed to park without any fines, while his own guests are fined if they leave their cars parked for just 10 minutes too long.
– Betty Aardewerk would like the neighbourhood to take action against the negative developments at the Schakelpunt Care Centre. The subject will be on the pre-election debate agenda on 8 February.
– Ruud Klein supplements with news that the library in Schakelpunt will move to the Klokhuis Community Centre.
A solution will be sought for the OAP keep-fit classes.
– Marianne: The 30-km-zone signs in Prinsevinkenpark are incorrect: the municipal council will take action.

Chairman Wybe Taekema concludes the meeting at 22.25 after which discussions continued and drinks were enjoyed.

Next community council meeting in ‘t Klokhuis on June 10 2010 at 20.00

Translation: Antoinette van der Maas
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