3 – Winter fun: lesson one

Ice and snow have turned Burgemeester de Monchyplein into a huge playground. What was once the ‘water feature’ is now an ice rink.

Enterprising youngsters have cleared the ice of snow and keep it that way. The snow-covered banks serve as a toboggan slide for the very young. Mothers and fathers, but especially grandparents, deposit the toddlers on the toboggan and one shoves off while the other plays ‘catcher’ below. Great fun, but sometimes things go wrong; the sledge veers off course and keels over. Wise carers calmly help the child to its feet, without making a fuss. A display of forced joviality, to indicate that falling is all part of the fun, is usually misplaced. Another thing to avoid is dashing to the scene of the incident and taking a tumble too.

The older you are the harder you fall.

Frits Hoorweg, 11 February 2012