5 – The power of word of mouth

Suddenly the p-word went the rounds: ‘pyromaan’ (pyromaniac/arsonist), set off by a shed fire in Atjehstreet. On this very website those instrumental in spreading the word were given a ‘dressing down’ by Roy van der Heijden, who pointed out that there wasn’t a scrap of evidence indicating arson. But inevitably a connection was made with other, recent incidents.

Without a doubt, those were cases of arson. But here too the police are determined to avoid the p-word and instead prefer the k-word: ‘kwajongenswerk’ (juvenile pranks); possibly the result of boisterous behaviour run riot at the end of a night out. Lets hope so, although I’m not completely convinced.

What kind of person feels the need to round off an evening out with something as enlightened as a sun awning in flames?

Frits Hoorweg, 15 March 2012