8 May: Liberation of The Hague

Thursday 8 May, at 13.00 hrs, the liberation of The Hague was commemorated at the liberation memorial of The Hague, the Irene Memorial at Burgemeester De Monchyplein.

8 May 1945 our city was liberated by the Prinses Irene Brigade. Burgemeester De Monchy welcomed them at the Townhall on Groenmarkt. Every year there is a small remembrance ceremony on that spot, near a small plaquette, on the 8th May, 11.00 am.

After that  a number of veterans, led by General Hemmes,came to the Irene Memorial to lay  flowers. The Memorial was adopted by the Haagsche Schoolvereeniging and group 7laid flowers.

2 May 2014, Pauline L. van Till