A concerned resident’s reaction to the plans for Madurodam.

Dear Sir/Madam

I write to openly congratulate the initiative of fellow Archipel/Willemspark resident and his team who distributed, house to house last week, the information regarding the meeting at Madurodam last Sunday for the planned expansion into the adjacent bosjes.
I attended the meeting with interest and was delighted to see so many supporters of the action against the expansion. I fully advocate this action, despairing at the loss of more trees and nature in this city I call home.

A fellow colleague of mine, also a concerned resident, brought to my attention the article you had published in our neighbourhood newspaper: In gesprek met Rupert van Heijningen, February 2005. In this article, apart from the various protests to the Gemeente on a number of projects in the neighbourhood that have taken place over the years, is the most significant statement: “we kregen een brief in handen van de zus van Maduro uit Curaçao dat de naam Maduro niet gebruikt mocht worden voor het kappen van bomen” – this should be highlighted.  This is a very relevant article and I would encourage you to run the ‘gesprek’ again for the residents of our neighbourhood thus highlighting the situation of Madurodam and the planned expansion in hope of encouraging those that have not already reacted, to do so.

Additionally, during the meeting last Sunday there were some very relevant questions and points raised regarding the plan – interestingly enough there was not one representative of the Gemeente!  What a pity as it is the Gemeente that will ultimately approve the plan or not.

Further, there will be a signing of a biography at Madurodam 14 December on the life of George Maduro: Knight without Fear and Beyond Reproach by Kathleen Brandt-Carey.  I can only imagine that the biographer, like Maduro’s sister, would not be in support of felling the trees for this expansion and bearing his name!

From my own point of view Madurodam is a private business that wants the Gemeente’s permission to expand into a beautiful, nature filled, quiet forest that is there, with monument status, for everyone to use at any time and freely. Madurodam plans expansion to have ‘more under cover attractions’ thus being able to entice more visitors and in particular on poor weather days. It was stated that in these (new) undercover areas there would be more ‘hands on experiences for children’ – surely it would be better for children to know and experience nature, build huts and climb trees than (again) being indoors?  This, most interestingly, was highlighted on the news last week where the statistic was published that on average Netherlanders spend a scanty 15 minutes per day outside!

29 November 2016, Michele Visser-Fitton, concerned resident.