A neighbourhood to be proud of …

The Archipelbuurt (ed. and Willemspark) is a neighbourhood to be proud of thanks to a band of enthusiastic volunteers. Once more a brand new website. You certainly have our compliments!

Recently, I took every opportunity of all the facilities you have on offer (website, newspaper, digital newsletter) to bring the guided tours through the Archipelbuurt organised by Gilde Den Haag to the attention of local residents. We conducted four tours in the neighbourhood during October in which a total of 100 people took part. A wonderful success, thanks to you; we are most grateful.

We certainly intend to return with a similar set of walks in spring next year. Probably, first in Willemspark and perhaps later in the Mesdagkwartier, and a tour of the cemeteries with which your neighbourhood is so well endowed would not go amiss. You will be hearing from us when the plans are clearer.

In the meantime we wish you every success with your website.

Yours sincerely (also on behalf of Sonja Veringa),

Annemargriet Vaartjes