A new book about the special character of the Archipel area!

9 januari 2018

The Hague Archipel, a separate neighborhood with an independent and steadfast people

Under the title Nieuwe eenheid en harmonisch geheel’  Gert Esmeijer * has written a booklet about the special character of the Archipel area and that of its inhabitants. In it he describes not only the unique location at a short distance from the city center of The Hague and Scheveningen beach, in the middle of a green environment, but also about the relative peace between the streets and fairly spacious homes with their own identity.

He also shows that the residents of the Archipel watch closely the uniqueness of their dear living environment and successfully take action against any damage to them.
For example, in 1986, the residents’ organization successfully opposed the new building project by the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill at the Burgemeester De Monchyplein in the heart of the neighborhood. ‘A serious and insurmountable damage to the character of the neighborhood’.

In consultation with the architect, project developer, Municipality of The Hague and the Stichting Stedenbouwkundige Harmonie, the residents’ organization succeeded in ensuring that the new-build project was properly adjusted and was completed to full satisfaction in 2004.
Carel Wiemers

* Gert Esmeijer is a city guide at the Gilde and
guides a number of walks,
including the art nouveau walk that he has created.