A room for Wessellin?

May I ask your attention for the young man who sells the daklozenkrant (homeless people’s newspaper) at Albert Heijn on Sumatrastraat?
Wessellin is a very kind young man who will have to leave his room on 1 August and is looking urgently for a new place to live. His landlord needs the room for his own family, so Wesselin will be homeless in a few weeks. As he has no steady income and has only lived in The Netherlands for 3 (instead of 5) years he is not entitled to a house via the Municipality. This means that he will have to rent a room in the private sector.
I hope that somebody will be able to trust him enough to offer him a room. After talking to him more than once, and as far as I know many others will agree with me, I am convinced that he is a reliable and decent tenant. He says that he understands that people associate a homeless vendor with alcohol, drugs and crime, but his present landlord will be a good reference.
I thank you for your time and I hope that this appeal will help to solve Wesselin’s problem.
With kind regards,

Monique Tolk Burgemeester Patijnlaan 444 2585 BW Den Haag
tel. 06-53498787 ;
 July 2017