A stiff breeze!

Early on a dry evening in De Kuil skate park; that’s important for the four skaters I encounter there. They’ve been skating here regularly for two to three years now, when they haven’t got exams.

Photo: Else Ponsen

Primarily when the younger kids have gone home. They get in the way and it can be a bit hairy.

 When they are trying out new tricks they always take a helmet along. They also take care of the graffiti in the ‘kuil’ (hollow) and that’s looking good. The surface was recently leveled so you have to be quick to get a photo, otherwise the skaters have flashed by, out of the frame.

 In the summer they also go surfing at Scheveningen and that calls for good balance too. Its sounds like they are lads who prefer a stiff breeze rather than a breezer.

Else Ponsen, A&W Community Newspaper June 2012