Agenda and Concise Report Community Council Meeting 17 March 2016

Opening, announcements, agenda

Report Council meeting 21 January 2016

Announcements by Community Board:
* Arnoud Offers resigns / vacancy
* Financial report and report on activities 2015
* Structure and procedure of Community Council A&W

Working groups report:
* Public Space, on plans for extension of Madurodam
* Traffic, on renovation Javastraat
* Community festival 2016
* Sustainablity
* Urban planning

Municipality and Police will be present for your suggestions, remarks and complaints:
* Questions (Ellen Struick) about street lamps and pavement Sumatrastraat, traffic situation near Sumatrahof, bicycle nuisance and destination nr 215A
* From the Police (Marianne Hoogervorst)
* From the Municipality (Gerard Spierenburg)

Any other business

Future Community Council Meetings:  16/6,  15/9  and  17/11.

Concise report:

From the Board:
– Arnout Offers, chairman, will resign. After a term of four years he has decided not to stay on for another term. The Board chooses its new members itself, but anyone is free to nominate a candidate (until 1 May). The Board favours a candidate with a legal background.

From the Treasurer:
Treasurer R. Klein explains the balance sheet and the profit and loss account 2015.
The profit and loss account mentions each subsidy separately in order to provide insight to the Municipality, who provides the subsidies, as to how they are spent. Per subsidy-entry the Treasurer gives a short explanation: the entry ‘third persons’ refers to the project ‘Classical Cars’ which took place on Frederikstraat and the entry ‘funds in hand’ refers to accrued interest.
The year 2015 shows a deficit of €131,72, which is due to equalization.
The balance sheet and profit and loss account were approved  by the audit committee  (D. Hazekamp and W.F. Hooft Graafland).

From the Secretary:
K. Beekman has written a report on the volunteers’ activities in our neighbourhood in 2015, which will be published on the website.
She has also written a document “Structure and Working Method of the Community Organisation A&W”; it describes what is done by whom in our neighbourhood. This document will also be published on the website and it will be updated when necessary.

Reports from the working groups:
Public Space: Madurodam wants to expand in the direction of the Scheveningen Woods. Neighbours have protested against the loss of ‘green area’ and the Municipality adviced Madurodam to confer with a team of residents. A&W are represented by Derk Hazekamp and David Struik (Public Space), and Arnout Offers and Rupert van Heiningen (lawyer, involved in expansion plans some years ago).
Main theme: are there alternatives? Madurodam investigates a number of variants. The neighbourhood will be notified as soon as there is a new plan.
The reason for the expansion is the wish to create an inter-active attraction park. The realization will take place in phases and take a considerable time. There is no mention of expansion of the parking space.
– Alderman Revis has withdrawn his plan for the International Park; he will confer with residents and persons interested to see how a new plan can be made.
– The Municipal website has published a brochure on ‘gardening’ around the trees along the streets (in Dutch: eigen-planten-rond-straatbomen)

– Local Traffic: The second phase of the renovation of Javastraat is almost finished. Asphalt will be poured up to Surinamestraat. Work on phase three is about to start. There is little inconvenience and the work advances better than foreseen. The contractor is approachable.
The parking places on Javastraat seem to be very narrow; lorries will not be able to park without partly blocking up the passageway of cars and bicycles.
– The working group will continue to plea with the Municipality for as little through traffic through our neighbourhood as possible. The Haagse Stadspartij goes for urban living areas. T.Dike points out that traffic, guided by sighnposts, should go via Beeklaan in the direction of Telderstracé.
– When work on Javastraat is finished the renovation of Laan van Meerdervoort will commence.
– The high end of Bankastraat will be broken up from October to the end of December. After 1 January 2017 the wide and narrow parts of Bankastraat will be broken up. Shopkeepers will be informed. Parkingspace will be looked into and the emergency lane near Laan Copes. “Antique” lampposts will be installed.
– A new plan: ‘suggested’ bicycle lanes.
– The delivery truck of AH will get a new space for loading and unloading, so that it need not drive backwards into Sumatrastraat, which was dangerous. However, the truck will have to driver over the new ‘suggested’ bicycle lanes.
– Traffic in the direction of the A.Jacobsweg will be guided via Riouwstraat and Koninginnegracht.

– Community Festival 2016: B. Bos resigns from the community festival committee and hands over his tasks to E. Verhulst.
The date of the community festival is now  Saturday 3 September 2016. Sponsors will be most welcome.
A community meal will be served, prepared by cooks from the neighbourhood. Volunteers who want to help with the cooking will be welcome.
There will be an entertainment programme for young and old. The festival committee calls on musicians and elocutionists for an open podium. Suggestions and ideas an be mailed to:

– Sustainability: The website has become the centre of knowledge on household sustainability of the neighbourhood.
There has been the four days event on energy and the action for solar panels is a success: more than 1000 panels were installed in A&W and neighbouring districts. At the community festival durability will have a stand.

– Urban Planning: This working group needs new members!
The working group has protested against the permits to split up growing number of houses on Laan Copes into smaller living unites.
Questions were asked about the cost of parking on Mallemolen.

– ArchipelPoëzie: Around 21 May the 11th wall-poem will be unveiled; the these is peace and justice.

– Care and Wellbeing: Het Schakelpunt will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Around Sumatrastraat many things could be improved: inefficient and dangerous parking of cars, bumpy pavement at crossing Sumatra/Balistraat, too many abandoned bicycles, street lamps do not give enough light, how can one drive into and out of Sumatrahof with that impossibly narrow gate and dangerous scaffolding.
What is the destination of house nr 215A; the facade is a disgrace (suggestion: a wall-poem?)
There is a request for the delivery truck of AH to use Bankastraat in the weekends.
– G. Spierenburg offers to do a survey with Municipality experts in Sumatrastraat, Soendastraat/corner Borneostraat to see what can be done.
For complaints one can call tel. 14070 , contact , or the app  “Meldingen Den Haag”

M. Hoogerbrugge: There is the possibility of a WhatsApp group for a district or neighbourhood. This group is for residents only, the police do not take part. Please let her know when such a WhatsApp group is called into being.
In case of emergency always call the police at 112
– Since January only three car burglaries were reported. The police try to prevent car burglaries. Recently 200 cars were inspected of which 16 were not locked. In 10 cars valuable objects were in sight. Residents should be conscious of their own behaviour in this respect.
– At the AWOC entrepreneurs meeting the local police officer will speak about security.

– Please report dog-poop to the Municipality; they have a machine to clean it up.
– A tree specialist will investigate the possibility to place fences around trees so that bicycles can be parked against them and attached to them.
– There will be an investigation into unlawful appropriation of ground at the corner Nassauplein/Burg.Monchyplein.
– The reconstruction of the crossing Riouwstraat/Koninginnegracht is not done according to the rules: lampposts could be damaged by passing trucks. The road is now too narrow for cars to pass.
There is a question about re-planting trees between the tram rail and the water.
Mr G. Spierenburg: the Municipality will investigate the matter.
– The Municipality’s concept plan for the Oracs is still to come.
– At the end of summer 2015 Mr Gerla formulated questions about the destination plan for A&W, which were to be part of an investigation. A report of the investigation was to be published. Mr G. would like to see this report and get answers to his questions. Mr G. Spierenburg will ske the Municipality for information.

Any other business: 
– Parking for bicycles: does anyone have an empty garage? Residents willing to put their garage at disposal can get a subsidy.
– The tram rails along Scheveningseweg will be widened, therefore trees will be cut. Action groups are trying to save the trees. The broader trams have already been bought.
– On Sumatrastraat cars from the white gates sometimes drive against the traffic. Police enforcement please.
– Busses drive too fast through Bankastraat. VVD will notify the HTM management.
-Since the large notice board was installed on Nassauplein very few burglaries have been reported.
– Police enforcement is requested for the traffic on Laan Copes, especially at the crossing with Balistraat.

13 June 2016  (MM)