Air Polution – how to reduce it

Gemeente Den Haag
Thursday 11 July 2013 members of the Municipal Council, PvdA, VVD, D66, Groenlinks and Haagse Stadspartij, will debate about  priorities in the party programmes for the municipal council elections in 2014.

Preceding the debate Otto den Ouden (director of the environment department of the municipality The Hague) will speak about the policy concerning the quality of the air.  After the debate the audience can ask questions and join in the discussion.

Time:  11 July,  20.00-22.00 pm

Place:  Nutshuis,  Riviervismarkt 5

Entrance free.  Registration will be appreciated.

For your information the results of five measuring points installed by Milieu defensie. Measurements were done over three periodes of time: the first period from 28/1 tot 25/2 ; the second period from 28/2 to 21/3 ; the third period from 21/3 to 16/4.  The measuring results of the successive periods are reported as follows: 35/53/34.


meetpunt conc. NO2
31 Laan   Copes 35/53/34
31 Laan   Copes 35/51/37
32 Raamweg 37/68/50
32 Raamweg 40/73/45
33   Javastraat 49/66/42
33   Javastraat 46/68/42
34   Patijnlaan (Coup.duin) 25/39/22
34   Patijnlaan (Coup.duin) 25/38/23
35   Kennedylaan 32/46/27
35   Kennedylaan 34/49/2