Air polution in The Hague

The newspaper Trouw wrote on 12 May 2016: since 2010 the European standard for the concentration of carbondioxide in the air is 40 microgram per cubic metre. Last year Dutch citizens in 11 towns measured the air quality every month in 58 streets. They proved that in Dutch cities the NO2 concentration is too high; in The Hague Hoefkade measured 46 microgram and Javastraat 45 microgram per cubic metre. Even though part of Javastraat is closed to traffic. This high concentration of NO2 is detrimental to the health of the people in the neighbourhood.
On 19 May Anne Knol, campaign leader mobility of Milieudefensie, handed on behalf of the citizens of The Hague the report on these measurements to alderman Tom de Bruijn and pointed out that it high time for strict measures like low traffic in city centres, cleaner cars, lower maximum speed, less use of cars in favour of bicycle or train.
The national government frustrates the municipalities by allowing a maximum speed of 130 km, investing millions in new asphalt, allowing scooters on bicycle lanes, opposing environmetal zones. Therefore Milieudefensie will start litigation to force the Dutch government to take measures in favour of cleaner air.


14 May 2016  (MM)