Albert Heijn open again

9 November 2011 – After two weeks of frantic building work Albert Heijn in Sumatrastraat is open again. Before and during the closure everything possible was done to keep clients informed and to limit any inconvenience as much as possible.

Photo: Karen Kommer

Photo: Webteam

On the initiative of two local residents, older inhabitants of the community were ferried back and forth to the AH superstore in Elandstraat by the Community Bus; all at the expense of AH. And when a local ‘sustainability’ lobbyist requested that any unsold fresh produce (still within the sell-by date) be donated to the food bank, supermarket manager Sasja de Ruijter was only too happy to comply. A lot of extra work for her staff: throwing it in the bin would have been much easier. A shelter for the homeless was delighted with the fresh bananas and pineapples. It is most heartwarming to see such a spirit of cooperation in our community.

Pupils from the Archipel School sang the new store open. (Webteam)


There was no shortage of customers trying out the new store. (Karen Kommer)