Archipel expat Jo Parfitt launches 28th book

September 2011 – Just over ten years ago, two writers met randomly in a sauna in Rutland, England and immediately felt like old friends. One of them is local expat Jo Parfitt.

Jo has been living overseas for 23 years in Dubai, Oman, Norway and the Netherlands, and moved to the Archipelbuurt in 2010. She is a publisher specializing in books by and for people who live abroad. She also shares what she knows with budding authors and writers, runs writing workshops, leads journalists’ and authors’ support groups, is a presenter at international conferences and has a radio show.

Now ten years after Jo and her friend met they are about to launch their first novels together on Friday 30 September.

Sunshine Soup may be Jo’s first novel, but it is also her 28th book. Other titles include Career in Your Suitcase, Write Your Life Stories and How to Get a Break as a Writer.

Sunshine Soup takes its readers to the steamy expat melting pot of Dubai and the worlds of a British first-timer who loves to cook and an American old-hand who loves to help.  As Maya struggles to create a fulfilling life and Barb’s world falls apart, both discover the harsh reality of living in paradise.

You can read more about Jo and her books on her blog