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Glass roof for Albert Heijn’s extension
Renovation & extension work at AH supermarket starts mid-February 2011

Photo: Else Ponsen

Glass roof for Albert Heijn’s extension

July 2011 – The extension to the AH supermarket gives us an unexpected view of an old coach house. This was where Frits van Laar (who used to live at this address) kept his pigeons. The courtyard between the house on Sumatrastraat and the coach house has recently been covered over with a glass roof, providing the shopping public with a glimpse of the building that until now remained tucked way from view.  A crane hoisted the new roof over the house on 18 July and lowered it into position over the courtyard.Extension work has been going on for some time now and at the end of October the supermarket will close for two weeks for modernization of the old section of the store.

Renovation & extension work at AH supermarket starts mid-February 2011

After the complete renovation in 2005, it is again time to extend Albert Heijn on Sumatrastraat, providing customers with a more spacious store and a wider range of products. Now that all the necessary building permits have been issued, work on transforming the former residence of Frits van Laar (owner of van Laar paint and wallpaper shop who died last year) and the café De Koning next door is scheduled to begin on 15 February.  The contractor will try to take into account as much as possible that the work is taking place in the middle of a residential area and keep inconvenience to a minimum.

While the size of the store will be extended by approximately 300 m² bringing the total floor area to about 900 m², the interior will get a complete makeover to fit in with Albert Heijn’s newest store concept like the one on Laan van Meerdervoort.

The supermarket will remain open throughout the renovation and extension work and everything will be done to make sure the building work encroaches as little as possible on the daily business of shopping. Our team in the Sumatrastraat Albert Heijn looks forward to being able to offer customers an even better service in the autumn, when the store will be officially reopened in mid-October in an appropriately festive manner. Till then if you have any questions please just ask.

Sasja de Ruijter
supermarket manager
Albert Heijn Sumatrastraat