Association Het Klokhuis has a new president

The new and former chairman

After nearly 15 years, Mr. Hooft-Graafland has decided to retire from his duties as chairman of the Het Klokhuis Association. During the members meeting of October 15, he said goodbye and told us a bit about the history.

The Klokhuis was almost sacrificed to the austerity rage of the municipality. The municipality’s reasoning was that a neighborhood like ours could be best without a community center. A number of people then invited the alderman to come and talk and see what happened here. The then alderman, Mrs. Kleinsma, the current Commissioner of the King in Drenthe, was impressed and an arrangement was made whereby it was possible to continue Het Klokhuis. During that time, Mr. Hooft-Graafland took over the chairmanship of the Het Klokhuis Association.

In the meantime, after Mr Hooft-Graafland stepped down, there were two vacancies on the board. There were five candidates for the board positions and the members of the association could indicate their preference on the ballot papers. In addition, Jeanette Ranke and Loulène Boersma chosen for the board position.  According to the statutes, the Board members divide the duties among themselves. The new chairman has become Loulène Boersma, and we wish her every success.

Finally, Mr de Hooft-Graafland received a gift and flowers as a thank you for the work he has done here.