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AVG Privacy policy personal data AW

The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) requires organizations to have a privacy policy. The Stichting Bewonersorganisatie Archipel & Willemspark (AW) is a foundation with more than 50 volunteers. This Privacy Policy indicates how AW handles the personal data.

1. Personal data are stored in files because of the advertisers in the neighborhood media, because of the volunteer administration, because of the newsletter (including announcements and information) because of the sending of information concerning volunteering and because of the administrative support and services by third parties in person. Advertisers, service providers, board members and volunteers are included in the registration.

2.The personal data relating to the financial administration are kept for 7 years. The remaining data will be deleted in the year following the termination of the board membership, service provider or volunteer organization, unless there are substantive reasons for doing so earlier (at the discretion of the board of AW), see also articles 6 and 11.

3. Attempts are made to identify people in a recognizable way when taking and posting photographs of other persons. Persons who pose for a photograph will be asked as much as possible whether they object to disclosure. Photos of meetings that are placed on the website are immediately removed if a person on that photo indicates that they object. For the moment of placement, the recognizable persons are also asked if they object to placing photos on or in the neighborhood media.

4. Participation in one or more neighborhood councils and other public gatherings and asking questions will require permission to be entered in public minutes if the person concerned does not indicate in advance that there is any objection. The participation and also the conduct of the word imply, to the extent necessary or appropriate, the recognition of the legitimate interest of AW for (the future of) the districts of Archipelbuurt and Willemspark, the necessity to perform tasks of this general interest and the exercise of the public authority. If the participation or asking of questions can qualify as a special personal data at any time, explicit mention will be made of this in advance. Those involved in political parties, who are present as such at these neighborhood councils or other meetings, and give the floor, consent to the disclosure of (o.m.) membership, unless they explicitly indicate in advance that they will not charge a prize.

5. New advertisers, service providers, board members and volunteers are explicitly requested to agree with the privacy policy of AW by sending this document.

6. The advertisers, service providers, board members and volunteers can always indicate that they no longer make their personal data available to the district media. Removal from the administration is only possible after a written request to that end in which the board membership, service provider or the volunteer agreement is terminated.

7. Although AW is primarily responsible within the organization, the board members and the administrative support will as far as possible supervise the protection of personal data.

8. The following personal details are included in the records:

a. Date of registration as a volunteer or board member
b. Registration and request for cancellation of a volunteer, board member per date
c. Name and surname
d. Address, zip code, place of residence
e. Telephone number (fixed and / or mobile)
f. e-mail address
g. Bank account number advertiser, board members, or volunteer
h. Member of the board
i. Date of birth member of the board
j. Copy ID of member of the board
k. Volunteer
l. Payments of allowances to board members or volunteers
m. Correspondence with and the invoices and payments to service providers
n. Service provider agreement
o. Membership of a BAW working group
p. In some cases, at the discretion of the board, a VOG can be requested and registered for board members

9. No special personal data is stored (religion or philosophy of life, race, political opinion, health, sexual life, membership of a trade union or political party, criminal personal data and personal data about unlawful or obstructive behavior in connection with an imposed prohibition behavior, genetic and biometric characteristics).

10. The advertisers, service providers, board members and volunteers are informed about the privacy policy via the newsletter and by placing them on the website and / or on or in other neighborhood media.

11. Advertisers, service providers, board members and volunteers can view their own personal data or request a copy via a written request to the board. In principle, this request will be responded to within 2 weeks with an appointment to inspect or make available a copy. Data subjects have the right to have their data corrected or removed. The correction or removal will be carried out within 14 days after the written request of the person concerned.

12. The personal data are stored in stand-alone computers, both with board members at home and in the office address of AW and with the service provider. By publishing this privacy policy, among other things, all volunteers are explicitly requested to clear their personal computers of personal data related to AW and to provide all computers and other resources (such as smartphones and Ipads) with sufficient protection against third party insight at all times.

13. A back-up of the data files is regularly made and stored in the same location of AW.

14. The AW organization ensures sufficient protection on the used computers against unauthorized access to the data.

15. In AW’s organization, the administrative support, the secretary and the treasurer in particular have access to the files containing the personal data. The cash control committee has access to the financial data of the association.

16. There is no separate data protection officer in the organization.

17. Agreements have been made with the administrative support regarding the storage and processing of personal data.

18. Personal data are not made available to third parties.

19. The Stichting Bewonersorganisatie Archipel & Willemspark (AW) has the task of keeping the personal details up-to-date, accurate and accurate against infringements and abuse. Data leaks, which cause damage to a person, are immediately reported to the Authority for Personal Data, Bezuidenhoutseweg 30, 2594 AV The Hague.

20. If you have questions about the Privacy Policy, you can always contact the board via the AW office at 070-4049580 on Tuesday and Friday between 09.00 and 13.00 or by e-mail at secretariaat@archipelwillemspark.nl


Den Haag
24 May 2018

Board AW

3 June 2018 pac