A&W Community Association recognises service to the community

The ‘ereprijs’ (recognition award) is a prize
the board of the A&W Community Association awards
to a local volunteer annually
for exceptional service to the community.


2011 Gilles Hooft Graafland

in gratitude for his many years of service
as member of the board & vice chairman
of the Community Association,
his work to prevent the closure
of the Klokhuis Community Centre
and in 2011 his ‘Wall Poetry’ initiative

The Hague, 8 January 2012

2010 Ank Beekman

She served as board secretary from 2002 – 2010,
which she did in an outstanding manner.
Her commitment to everything and everyone
was intense, her professional understanding
of her duties unsurpassed, and all carried out with
the proper attention to detail and planning,
a demand for high standards from others and herself
and an excellent command of language.
Our appreciation for all of this is enormous. 

The Hague, 9 January 2011

Linda Fairwether Nash
Jaap Drijver

In gratitude for all her work for the
Archipel&Willemspark website
since its inception in 2002.
With great meticulousness Linda takes care of
the English-language section of the site,
adding extra local news of interest
to the many internationals in the community.
Her expertise in graphic design is evident
in many of the A&W productions: website,
newsletter, digital billboard and
the birthday calendar from 2004.

In gratitude for all his work for the
Archipel&Willemspark website.
As webmaster, Jaap has taken care of
all the technical aspects of the website
since the summer of 2003.
He enthusiasm for solving technical problems
has also been instrumental in the
successful realisation of the e-Newsletter (2008)
and the digital billboard (2009).
During community fairs and other events
he is always happy to become involved
and, with his relaxed manner,
help make the occasion a success.

The Hague, 10 January 2010


2008 Michiel Ottolander

in gratitude for his many years of
involvement with local activities and
his great commitment to Archipel&Willemspark.
From 1995 till 2002 he was an active member of
the working party responsible for quality of life
in the community on the editorial board
of the community newspaper.
For the last seven years he has been general
editorial staff member.
The computer lessons he gives in ‘t Klokhuis
are also greatly appreciated.

The Hague, 11 January 2009

2007 Joop Vos

in gratitude for his many years of service
as board chairman of the Community Association,
in which role his good relations with local politians
often managed to bridge the gap between
the (sometimes) conflicting interests of
the municipality and the community.

The Hague, 13 January 2008

2006 Hans Groenendijk

in gratitude for his many years of service
as board member of the Community Association
responsible for urban planning and policy on parking
and his attention to the consequences of
the Madurodam expansion and groundwater level,
which proved extremely important for the community.

The Hague, 18 January 2007

2005 Liesbeth de Bles

in gratitude for her many years of service to
the ‘t Klokhuis Community Centre
in the Archipel
and more than 30 years
to the Clubhuis Cantaloup in Willemspark

The Hague, 15 January 2006

2004  Rupert van Heijningen

in gratitude for his contribution over many years
to urban planning in the community.

The Hague, 13 January 2005

2003  Eva Drijver

in gratitude for her many years of service
to the communuty newspaper and biennial community fair.

The Hague, December 2003

2002 Guido de Sturler

in gratitude for his many years of commitment
to the architectuur in the community.

The Hague, 9 November 2002

2001 Else Ponsen-Breugem

in gratitude for her many years of commitment
to the community and to mark the
20th anniversary of her role as adminstrative support
to the Community Association.

The Hague, September 2001