A&W Sustainable Energy Days: 6 – 10 February

From 6 to 10 February we organize the A&W Sustainable Energy days. During these days you can get information, see demonstrations and get an attractive discount for approachable products that will save energy, such as draught strips, LED lamps and isolating foil to put behind your radiators. Meteorologist Reinier van den Berg will give a lecture (in Dutch). You can do a test drive on electric bicycles, cargo bikes, cars, etc. etc.

Programme :

Saturday 6 February, Bankastraat (next to Cafe Banka) 11.00 – 15.00 hrs

  • Haagse Krach Karavaan:  Get advice about saving energy in your home; have an energy scan of your home made in the yellow bus of ‘Duurzaam Den Haag’
  • Test drive in the electric BMW and on  Juizz electric bicycles and cargo bikes (bring your identity card!)
  • Groene Buurt soup and Glühwein (thanks to Gall & Gall)
  • Compostbakkers: information about neighbourhood composting

Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 February, Brasserie Archipel 16.30- 19.00 hrs

  • Sustainability Doctor gives advice and demonstrations about beautiful and most effective energy saving products: draught strips, LED lamps, and foils behind the radiator (bring your own light bulbs and compare)
  • Whole day discounts on draught strips, LED lamps and foils at Van Laar and Albert Heijn

Tuesday  9 February, Winkelman & Van Hessen, Bankaplein 3, 20.30- 22.00 hrs

Reinier van den Berg is a specialist in the field of weather, climate and sustainability who traveled to the four corners of the earth. As a metereologist he followed tornadoes, as a climate expert he transversed the ice of Greenland and the forests of the Amazone. He visited countries like South Sudan and Sierra Leone for projects for the benefit of the poorest people on earth. In a fascinating and richly illustrated presentation he will bring his subjects to life and show that they are inter-connected. His vision will become clear when he makes us look into the future.

To close the day: drinks party.

Wednesday 10 February, Brasserie Archipel, 20.30- 22.00 hrs

  • Pub quiz: sustainability – with beautiful prizes!

Build your team and register now  via email (groenebuurt@gmail.com) or on our website www.groenebuurt.net

24 January 2016  (MM)