Ban the paving tiles from your garden

‘One tile out, one plant in’ is the motto of Operatie Steenbreek (operation stone break), a joint project of the foundation Duurzaam Den Haag and the Municipality of The Hague. A project dedicated to a greener city. And so the ‘Stonebreakers’ move through the various districts in town with a large cart full of plants where residents can swap paving tiles for free garden plants. In 2015 more than 4000 tiles were handed in in exchange for 4000 free plants.

We love to see gardens full of plants in stead of stones. A green garden with hardly any paving is important for
– water management: rainwater can replenish the groundwater and in greener areas the sewage system will not so easily be overburdened by heavy rainfall
– nature: on tiles animals cannot find food or a hiding place
– green areas diminish the summer heat that makes little children and elderly people suffer
– micro dust: green leaves catch the dust and keep the air clean.

At the community festival ‘BankapleinFestijn’ on Saturday 3 September 2016  you can swap a paving tile or stone for a garden plant.

30 July 2016