It took us a long time, but the idea we had a few years ago will soon be realized: Bankaplein will be supplied with new, durable plants. The work will start on the 6th of June and the new plants will arrive on the 9th.

The flowerbed will be divided into two concentric circles: the inner circle with a diameter of 5,4 m directly around the fountain will be planted with perennial plants, in all 176 m2, with violet, pink and blue as main colours.

The plants were selected on 21 requirements, such as speedy growth sothat the soil will be covered and weeds will not get a chance, plants must be able to endure hot and dry weather (or wet, as the case may be) and salt, how they look in winter, be dogproof. etc. Basic are the soil covering plants like Geranium cantabrigiense ‘Cambridge’ (crane’s bill). Butterflies and bees will be happy with Verbena, Nepeta, Echinacea and Salvia.
The outer ring will be grass (with flowering bulbs in spring).

You can download the PDF for detailed information: (link naar PDF)

30 May 2017, Working group Public Space