Beware of Irish Travellers

On Monday 8 May 2017 two Irish speaking men rang the doorbell of a house on Javastraat and told the owner that they had come to fix his loose roof tiles. The two men were very insistent and finally the owner allowed them to inspect his roof. The men returned after a very short time and that made the owner distrustful.

The con men wore blue coats with a logo. Their hair was shaved very short. They often wear clothes with a non-existing telephone number to favourably impress the house owners. They operate in the Archipel/Willemspark neighbourhood and drive a handyman’s bus. So take care and do not believe them!

The Irish Travellers, as they are called, are smooth talkers who try to make house owners pay them large sums of money. The Police give the advice not to give in, but notify the Police immediately (112). Do not let these men in and do not let them do any work on your property, because they make you pay a very high price. They hardly do any work and they leave right away.

15  May 2017, Hans Plat, Inspecteur van Politie 
Bureau Jan Hendrikstraat