Bicycle Lanes on Javastraat – 18 September

Wednesday 18 September 2013, 19.00 pm, an informative meeting is planned at the Townhall.                              Address: Spui 70 (entrance via Library) 10th floor .  There are only 100 seats, therefore city districts and residents’ interests groups will send representatives.

At this meeting plans for the reconstruction of the narrow part of Javastraat and Laan van Meerdervoort will be discussed and illustrated by means of a film. The plan is to reduce the number of traffic lanes for cars to one, in order to create bicycle lanes on either side, sothat cyclists will be able to travel in both directions.

The crossing Javastraat-Koninginnegracht-Raamweg will be adapted, to prevent traffic-jams. This is part of the renovation of tram-line 9 and work will start in the spring of 2014.

Work on Javastraat is planned for 2015. The narrow part of Laan van Meerdervoort will be reconstructed in 2016.


1. Introduction

2. Chairman Smit will explain the consequences for:  the flow of  car traffic (film with traffic simulations), the opening up of Willemspark, parking

– Measures to compensate opening up and parking

– Timetables for work on Mauritskade (Dr. Kuyperdam), Randstadrail and Javabrug, Javastraat

– Information/publications on timetables and accessibility

– Compensation for loss of income and other losses suffered by entrepreneurs

3. General questions about these subjects  (after the general part of this meeting civil servants will answer any  specific questions asked by participants)

4. Consequences for the quality of the air, explained by the chairman

5. Questions about the quality of the air

6. Closing the general part of the meeting

17 September 2013, FH