Bosje van Repelaer to get a makeover

Numbered trees

Published: 22 November 2018 []

The municipality will spruce up the Bosje van Repelaer in January 2019. This park is located between the Koninginnegracht and the Frederikstraat, on the edge of the Archipelbuurt. The paths will be repaired and new plants and trees will be planted.

The forest has become too dense over the past few years. As a result sunlight is not able to penetrate to the lower layers and trees and shrubs are unable to grow. For this reason the municipality will begin thinning out the forest in January 2019. It will remove 30 trees so that other trees will get more space to grow. These trees have already been numbered.

New trees and bushes

Once the forest is thinned out, 15 new trees will be planted. These will be different trees than the trees now standing in the park. The municipality would like more different trees in the forest and this is not only to make the park more attractive. It is primarily better for the health of the forest, which will then be less susceptible to tree diseases.

The municipality will also plant 15 trees in the Javabosjes and new shrubs and ferns will be planted in both parks. The Javabosjes are next to the Bosje van Repelaer. Once the new trees and shrubs have been planted, the municipality will also improve the paths in the area.