Brief Report Community Council 18 June 2015

Wijkberaad 18-6_opt

His representative Tieke Dedel (on the left) did the honours, she was assisted by Dymph van der Laan.

* It was emphasized that the informative participation evening about the development plan, due on 25 June in ‘t Klokhuis, will be very important for the neighbourhood, as it concerns the city development plan for Archipel/Willemspark for the period 2016-2019. The residents can bring up for discussion all our wishes,  complaints and suggestions!

* Some points on the agenda (‘Groen verbindt’ and the upkeep of Bankaplein)  were postponed till the next meeting.

* Due to the renovation of the bridges at the end of Javastraat and Laan Copes  tram 9 will take another route after the summer holidays; probably till the end of the year.

19  June 2015  (MM)