Car-sharing = sustainable motoring


Car-sharing proves a successful alternative …

and then there were 5 = more than 
100 car-sharing spots in The Hague

16 March 2011 – There is increasing demand for car-sharing services as an alternative to privately held and rental cars. Greenwheels has expanded the number of reserved parking locations for carshares in The Hague to 100.

The one at Burgemeester Patijnlaan 59 [nr.113] increases the number in Archipel&Willemspark to five.

It is now possible to reserve a Green Wheels car via the mobile website nieuwe mobiele website: 

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Demand for sustainable motoring
11 May 2010 – Because of the demand for sustainable motoring in The Hague, 23 extra ”autodateplekken” have been installed bringing the total in the city to 91. The one in Batjanstraat (17) will boost the number of “plekken” in the Archipelbuurt to four:

Bonistraat 15,
Balistraat 2,
Surinamestraat 60
Batjanstraat 17.

Currently there are 1,750 Green Wheels participants and the municipal council hopes that there will soon be 2,000 … any more takers from our neighbourhood?

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