Citizenship Fund

With the arrival of the new Municipal Executive in April 2006, The Hague introduced the post of alderman for Citizenship (formerly Integration). By placing Citizenship high on the municipality’s agenda, the Municipal Executive would like to encourage residents of The Hague to again gain a better handle on their social environment.A bond should bridge the gap between residents amongst themselves and residents and neighbourhood and government.

Citizenship means that people feel involved and take responsibility for their social environment. A citizen feels like a co-owner of his street and neighbourhood. Citizenship offers great opportunities for tackling deprivation, social exclusion and cultural isolation. Involvement with the city will also be encouraged in this way.

A Citizenship Fund was established in 2007 with a total budget of 1 million Euros per year. Every inhabitant of The Hague who has a plan to make the city a better and more beautiful place can make a claim to this Fund.

The Citizenship Fund will give subsidies to inhabitants and organisations for their ideas and plans on the subject of encounters, dialogue and coordination. Voluntary organisations and groups of a minimum of ten people can present their plans to the Fund.

The plan must contribute to strengthening social ties and encounters between city dwellers of different cultural groups. The goal is that inhabitants of The Hague start meeting each other and start undertaking activities together more frequently.

There is a maximum of € 25,000 available for each good plan. The Citizenship Fund is not intended for the purpose of organizing neighbourhood parties or for the maintenance of voluntary organisations.

Compete summary of Citizenship in The Hague Policy

The Day of the Haagse Ontmoeting (Hague Encounter)