‘City Labs’ on Westbroekpark and Scheveningse Bosjes

The Municipality of The Hague will hold talks with the city on the future of Westbroekpark and the Scheveningse Bosjes including the so-called Waterpartij (pond). In September the municipality will start up discussions in the city in the form of ‘City Labs’.

The municipality will organise a City Lab in each city district. During the City Labs, participants will hold discussions with each other and the municipality with the goal of formulating an assignment for a think-tank. This think-tank will then be charged with making a widely-supported plan for the future for this important green zone in the city. The participants in each City Lab will then select a representative for the think-tank.

The main question for the City Labs is: How can we make Westbroekpark and the Scheveningse Bosjes, including the Waterpartij, more attractive and better connected to each other while enabling each park to preserve its own character?

In order to give as many residents of The Hague as possible the opportunity to help brainstorm on the parks, you may sign up for no more than 1 City Lab. Each City Lab will be identical. You do not necessarily need to join in a discussion in your own city district. A maximum of 100 participants will be permitted for each City Lab evening. The municipality will publish an announcement about the City Labs in local newspapers and on social media before the summer.

The concept plan for an International Park was presented in November 2015. Some 3,200 residents of The Hague voiced their opinion on the plan. All of the reactions can be found on the municipal website and they have been bundled into a report.

Because the plans for an International Park have now been cancelled, the report does not contain any answers or reactions from the municipality to the questions and remarks about the plans. The reactions are being used, however, as the basis for the talks in the City Labs.

Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis (Downtown, Development of Core Areas and Public Space) said, ‘My initial intention was to adapt the plans for the International Park. But I realised that you do not remove the fundamental criticism this way. Ultimately I think you should also have the guts to cancel something… We are going to review the ambitions as stated in the 2014 zoning plan such as reinforcing the functions of the city. Many people did not agree with this. It is important that the people who took action also brainstorm with us. I expect the think-tank to come up with a good plan.’

16 June 2016, thehague.com