Clubhouse Cantaloup: Sint Maarten on Sunday 11 November

On Sunday 11 November we celebrate Sint Maarten at Clubhouse Cantaloup. You are welcome at 17:30; there are snacks for a small fee. Be quick.

At 18:00 we start walking from the clubhouse, together in different groups (accompanied by parents) along the houses. Do not forget to bring your own lantern and wear a warm coat! No prior registration is required.

Would you, as a resident, like to welcome a group of children who will sing the Sint Maarten songs for your door? Place a light on the front of your window from 17:45 and have some candy or something healthy available as a small treat for the children. We will walk through Cantaloupenburg, Christinalaan, Kerkstraat, Prinses Mariestraat, Schelpkade and Schelpstraat.

Stichting Clubhuis Cantaloup