Collection for Multiple Sclerosis

You can make me feel better.

From 20 thru 25 November 2017 the  Nationaal MS Fonds will organize the national door to door collection for research into the Multiple Sclerosis disorder, a chronic disorder of the central nervous system. In The Netherlands more than 17.000 people have MS and every year 800 new patients are diagnosed with it. Usually the first symptoms appear between the 20th and 40th year of their life and it is the most disabling disorder among young people in The Netherlands. The most frequent complaints are weariness, eye complaints, loss of  strength,  coordination problems, bladder problems and sensation disorders.

Medical science still does not know what causes MS and how it can be cured. The Nationaal MS Fonds  will invest the proceeds of the collection in innovating research for the cure of MS.
You can help: collecting money is not difficult and it will take only 2 hours of your time. And it is a fun thing to do!

For more information go to the website  and enter your name. You can help to make an MS patient feel better!

7 July 2017