Commemoration of the Dead – 4 May 2015


Like every year the Haagse Gemeenschap van Kerken (Community of Churches in The Hague) organized a Commemoration of the Dead on 4th May. It is day when we remember the dead of World War II and  pray for peace and for reconciliation for the conflicts we witness in the world today. Everybody is cordially invited to join in.

The commemorative service was held in the Chapel of the French Congragation (Malakkastraat 1). During the service candles were  burned and special prayers were said. After the service we walked to the Carnegieplein near the Peace Palace, to join the general commemoration. The Last Post sounded, the clock of the Peace Palace struck eight, during the two minutes silence only birds’ song was heard.

6 May 2015 (MM)