Community Centre “Het Schakelpunt”

Senior citizens are encouraged to stay and live in their own home as long as possible. But meeting other people will often become a problem. In community centre “Het Schakelpunt” (the link, meetingpoint) seniors can meet people and join in activities in a relaxed atmosphere.

– The Ontmoetingstafel (meeting table) is a spot where one can meet others and share experiences. Many people join the table to share a cup of coffee, have a nice chat, read the newspaper, play a game or join in an activity like “gymnastics on your chair”.

“Sociëteit de Schakel” (club ‘the link’) is the place for information and advice about care,  support and other questions concerning living independently. One can also join for a meal or take part in activities that for instance help to improve one’s memory or prevent other complaints.

Het Schakelpunt organizes informative  meetings and other activities that will be announced in the community newspaper: about living, care and wellness in our neighbourhood. You can ask questions about your personal situation and what arrangements are available. Or you can consult the nurse and ask questions concerning your health. 

For refreshments a small price will be charged. The same holds good for a meal and for taking part in “gymnastics on your chair” on Tuesdays. All other activities are free of charge.     

“Ontmoetingstafel” and  “Sociëteit” are an initiative of Florence, Zebra Welzijn, residents’ organization Archipel & Willemspark and Staedion. These organizations think it is important that residents live happily at home as long as they can, especially when they get a little older.

Weekly programme:

10.00-12.00 hrs   Ontmoetingstafel

10.00-11.00 hrs   Ontmoetingstafel
11.00-12.00 hrs    Gymnastics on your chair
13.00-16.00 hrs    Sociëteit De Schakel (with memory training)

10.00-12.00 hrs   Sociëteit De Schakel (with memory training)
13.00-16.00 hrs   Sociëteit De Schakel (with memory training)
17.30-18.30 hrs    Dinner

10.00-12.00 hrs   Ontmoetingstafel

10.00-12.00 hrs   Ontmoetingstafel
13.00-16.00 hrs   Sociëteit De Schakel (with memory training)

. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays a lunch may be served by Sociëteit De Schakel

. Consultation without appointment with the nurse from Florence is on Tuesday 12.00-14.00 hrs

When you are interested you can just pop in and see us. When you prefer you can of course make an apointment. You can call up one of the following  contacts:

. Sociëteit De Schakel: Carly Bruins-Steyn, tel. 06-39850686 or email:

. Ontmoetingstafel: Matthias Wenzel, tel. 06-43395289 or email:

. Nurse: Heleen ten Teije, tel. 06-39850381 or email:

. Team Schakelpunt: tel. 070-7541310 or email:

Het Schakelpunt, Burgemeester Patijnlaan 1900
7 April 2016  (MM)