Community Council meeting – 15 June

The agenda for the Community Council meeting of Thursday 15 June, 20.00 hrs, in ‘t Klokhuis:

1. Opening, announcements, laying down the agenda

2. Discussing the minutes of the meeting of 16 March 2017
•   The suggestions that were presented have been added to the concept report

3. Announcements from the Board
•  Report on the conversation with the District Director
•  Incoming mail: parking and the ORACs

4. The working groups report on their activities:
•  Public Space (expansion plans Madurodam, Denktank Westbroekpark-Scheveningse Bosjes-Waterpartij)
•  Traffic (Traffic Forum on 30 March, work on Raamweg-Zuid-Hollandlaan, Scheveningseweg.)
•  Sustainability
•  Culture
•  Urban Planning
•  Care & Well-being
•  Editorial Committees Community newspaper and website

5. Municipality and Police will be present for suggestions, remarks and complaints
*  Announcements by the Police (Marianne Hoogerbrugge / Marco Scherpenisse)
* Announcements by the Municipality (Gerard Spierenburg)

6. Any other matter. Closing

You active interest and efforts will be appreciated
We look forward to meeting you on 15 June

8 June 2017, Robert van Moorsel, chairman

Community Council meetings in 2017: 28/9, 16/11