Community Fair 2011 not viable

Much to our regret we have decided to cancel the Community Fair planned for 18 June because financially and structurally it appears that a Banka Party that suits the requirements of both the shopkeepers and the residents is unfeasible. There is now an idea afoot for a new construction for the festivities: a community feast around the fountain accompanied by live music and acts in September 2012.

We are looking for reinforcements both on the creative and the organisational front so everyone who would like to help realise this community initiative get in touch before 1 September 2011 via:

A bit of a mouthful but the Nazomerpleinfonteinfestijn/End of Summer Fountain Feast could turn out to be a rather appetising event. To be continued …

Wijkfeestcomité 2011:  Koen Bender, Marianne van Drunen, Luce Gelling, Quirina van Hof, Isabelle Hylkema, Martine de Lange, Annette Polderman, Dano Roelvink, Gérite Ruig and Erika Verhulst.