Community Organisation A&W speaks with District Directors Marc Prins and Gerard Spierenburg – 09/06/2017

Summary of a conversation between Marc Prins and Gerard Spierenburg (Municipality) and the members of the Board of  Community Organisation A&W, 9 June 2017  (PDF) .

At the beginning of the meeting Marc Prins and Gerard Spierenburg were given a summary of some urgent topics at A&W. Marc and Gerard will discuss these later with A&W when they meet.

Wijkuitvoeringsplannen (plans for the neighbourhood) are always updated in the course of the year; they are discussed at the beginning and at the end of each year. This month there will be a consultation with several departments; the progress recently made  will then be included in the plan for our neighbourhood.
Marc Prins suggested another consultation with A&W for this autumn, about the plan, the achievements and new items that will come up.

Traffic: the Community Organisation asks for a reaction to the points of interest concerning the safety in traffic that were sent to the Deputy Mayor for Traffic, and also to Marc Prins. In the mean time two more points were added:
– It is found that because of the larger centre piece on Bankaplein busses and lorries have trouble taking the narrow bend of the roundabout; they try as much as possible to drive in a straight line, leaving no room for the cyclists.
– The traffic light for cyclists on Schelpkade is totally ignored by the cyclists and this creates a dangerous situation when cars come from Nassauplein. What can be done, maybe a flashing light for the cyclists?
Marc Prins answers that a number of these points have been sent on to DSB and DSO and that he will add the points mentioned here. Hopefully there will be an update before the summer. Action: Marc Prins

Parking: Parking regulations are becoming more and more restrictive. Soon there will be no parking on Koningin Julianaplein. At the same time twice the standard amount of parking permits are issued in A&W. The Community Organisation would like to speak about this with DSO. Action: Marc Prins will arrange a meeting for the working group Traffic with DSB.

Information fire preventionAction: The Community Board will invite the informant of the Fire Brigade to a Community Council meeting in 2017. Action: Gerard Spierenburg will email the name and address of the contact person.

Bicycle sheds: The large Biesieklette on Prinsestraat is hardly used at all, still only bicycles belonging to people who live in that neighbourhood can be parked there. A request for commercial use has been turned down. But it is possible to admit other residents of the city centre, as is the case in any other Biesieklette. Action: Marc Prins will inquire.
Can a Biesieklette be installed at the square on Frederikstraat?  In this shopping street many bicycles are parked by people living in the apartment buildings. Gerard remarks that there is a municipal project for starting up bicycle sheds. Suggestions can be sent in to Marc or Gerard.

On the parking place for loading and unloading near the glass/paper/plastic containers on Nassauplein ORACs have been installed. Now cars are double parked or parked on the sidewalk. Between the containers and the traffic light is one parking place left; can this be turned into a loading and unloading parking place?
On Frederikstraat the 15 metre long gutter that drains off the water from the bridge has sagged on the uneven side of the street; trucks and cars driving with high speed cause inacceptable tremors. Action: Gerard Spierenburg will inform road management.
Gerard and Marc will inspect sites that are not clear and need harmonization.

Communication Municipality.  Better/more timely communication by the Municipality about (large) projects is desirable. The public were taken by surprise by the new parking regulations and the plans for work on Raamweg; there had been no previous consultation. It is interesting that the road work caused less inconvenience than was expected. Alternative routes for traffic were found that relieved the pressure on A&W. In this context it is disappointing that the Municipality did not communicate traffic measures that should have been published before the summer.
Permanent points of action: The district will bring this to the attention of the department concerned.
Positive points were:
– the inhabitants are very positive about the contract and the contact with the contractors
– the replanting of Bankaplein was well communicated. Gerrit van der Hut explicitly asked for feedback from the neighbours
– the installation of the refuse containers went well

Dividing (office)buildings: The Community Organisation would like better enforcement in the case of unjust applications for building permits so that contractors will know that not everything is possible.
Recently Malakkastraat 126 was renovated before the permit was applied for. This was done afterwards and the permit was given retroactively.
On Laan Copes van Cattenburch many office buildings are divided into apartments. Not every building has sufficient parking space on its own precinct, but the Municipality works on the assumption that they do. A&W suggests that the issue of parking permits for offices and residence buildings (to be) divided into apartments should be strongly reduced (no longer “two” per floor but two per building, definitely when it was originally built as one residence).
Action: the Mayor’s protocol department

Maintenance of property owned by foreign powers: Robert van Moorsel found a contact man at the Municipality. He hopes that the supervision of the maintenance of monumental buildings will run more smoothly from now on.
Action: Marc Prins will take the contact info with him.

Continuation inspection of streets: still waiting for it. To impossible requests “No” can be the answer. In that case the item is not kept on the agenda for such a long time. Request to communicate via Derk Hazekamp that the matter has been taken in hand.

The amount of through traffic in our neighbourhood is the biggest problem: endless streams of traffic with ensuing pollution move through  Dr. Kuyperstraat, Javastraat and Laan Copes van Cattenburch. For years we pleaded to declare Archipel & Willemspark a residential area as it was originally meant to be and find a solution for the unacceptable streams of traffic; a letter about this was sent to the Deputy Mayor for Traffic. It is feared that after the work on Raamweg is finished traffic will be as heavy as it was before.

It seems that the Municipality sometimes intentionally does not count traffic on days when traffic is heavy or withholds information. The working group Traffic often asks for information about certain situations, the results of measurements or sends in suggestions, but often gets no reaction or an answer that is obviously not right. Communication about this is becoming more and more strongly worded. It is very well possible that A&W will use the WOB.

Expats: The great number of expats in our neighbourhood does not further the social cohesion; all in all there are only few complaints about expats. Recently the number of expats has been on the decline.

Sustainability: The working group is doing well.

Summary: A&W is a nice neighbourhood. Only few buildings stand unoccupied because many office buildings are converted into residences; this increases the parking problem. In spite of its heavy traffic Laan Copes is in great demand.
Marc Prins will check out the agreements to see if they match and ask his colleagues how the land lies. The Community Organisation asks for consultation before things are done so that residents need not lodge a notice of objection against the plans of their own neighbours.

10 July 2017