Community’s Reaction to International Park

Our community organisation formulated a reaction to the plan for the international park and sent it to alderman Boudewijn Revis.
(English translation of the plan can be found on facebook page “Behoud Scheveningse bosjes”)

In Dutch: Reactie Internationaal Park
* We are disappointed that the Municipality published its plans without consulting any of the organisations or communities that take an active interest in the three green areas.
* In the present situation the Scheveningse Bosjes are a spot of nature and tranquility in the urban area. In the plan for the new park tranquility and entertainment zones are so close together that tranquility does not have a chance. Scheveningen, the city centre and Spuikwartier are entertainment areas in close proximity. No need to turn the natural green area of Scheveningse Bosjes into another entertainment area.
* The construction of a new rivulet ending in a concrete water basin for children to play in is complicated, expensive and unnecessary. Guarantee of the (stagnant)  water quality would demand constant intensive maintenance.
* We resent the proposed expansion of Madurodam. The last expansion was in the ’90s and City Hall promised the surrounding community councils that Madurodam would not be allowed any further expansion at the cost of the Scheveningse Bosjes.
* Dog owners can let their pets roam free in large parts of the Scheveningse Bosjes. They walk there every day and are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the social control mechanism. It is not acceptable that in the new plan dogs are only allowed in a very restricted area.
* We wonder where the thought comes from that the expats want entertainment in the green area.
* The Municipality is requested to investigate the posssibility of a tunnel for the Teldersweg: so that the traffic can go ‘underground’ and the green area extends over it from the Scheveningse Bosjes to the Waterpartij.
* We resent the felling of the trees along Scheveningseweg for a wider tram track.
* There is no need for facilities for sports and recreation. The possiblity of small scale recreation (walking, sun bathing, picknick) is what makes the green area attractive. A restaurant overlooking the Waterpartij put too much pressure on this vulnerable area (crowds, parking space, noise late at night).
* We resent the proposed construction of a network of conrete and asphalt roads with street lighting. Too many trees and bushes would have to be cut down. The green area would loose its natural character.
* The items proposed in the plan all demand intensive maintenance. We ask the Municipality to invest in  intensive upkeep of the green areas as they are in stead of bringing in new expensive elements. Formulate a sustainable maintenance plan.
* For years part of the Scheveningse Bosjes has been a meeting point for homosexuals. Does the Municipality integrate this ‘target group’ in its plans for the new park? (there is no mention of them so far)
* We don’t want the Scheveningse Bosjes turned into a likeness of Central Park.

18 January 2016  (MM)