Complaints about new type of trams

Recently HTM has introduced a new type of tram (Avenio) in the district Statenkwartier.
As there are complaints about these new trams Wijkoverleg Statenkwartier (community organistion Statenkwartier) addresses other community organisations to whom it may concern, in this case people living in the neighbourhood Javastraat/Koninginnegracht.

In Statenkwartier the new trams cause inconvenience in the form of heavy tremors that are felt in the houses along the tram track. HTM does next to nothing with the complaints that the residents have sent in.
Wijkoverleg Statenkwartier wants to make an inventory of the size of the inconvenience, not only in Statenkwartier but also in other districts where these new trams ride. When you experience similar inconvenience we would like to hear from you. And when this is the case we invite to to join a possible future collective of districts that might send in a collective complaint.

The new Avenio trams will in future ride on other tramlines. We will insist on thorough investigation and the right measurements.

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29 August 2017, Wijkoverleg Statenkwartier