Con men offering to cut down trees

The Municipality of The Hague is warning residents that con men are at work in the city posing as municipal workers offering to cut down people’s trees for a fee. The municipality does not cut down the trees of residents. If you are approached, do not accept this offer and report it to the police.

A permit is required to cut down a tree. Residents of The Hague who have applied for a tree cutting permit are reporting that they have been visited by somebody posing as an employee of the Municipality of The Hague. These types of applications can be found in the publication of municipal notices (Gemeenteberichten).

How are these impostors working?

The impostor:

  • Assesses the tree
  • Pledges to grant the permit
  • Offers to cut down the tree for a fee.
Municipal employees have ID

The person posing as a municipal employee is actually an impostor. Employees of the Department of City Management (Dienst Stadsbeheer) can always identify themselves as employees of the Municipality of The Hague. What’s more the Municipality of The Hague never offers to cut down the trees of private individuals.

Report a crime

The municipality advises you to refuse this person’s offer and to report this incident to the police.

More information

When in doubt, call the Permits Division at (070) 353 69 06.

If you would like to subscribe to the Dutch-language email service for municipal notices, go to and click on the link under ‘e-mailservice bekendmakingen’.

28 November