Condensed Report Community Council – 22 January 2015

* Reconstruction Javastraat and Laan van Meerdervoort. For information please go to the site and the website of the Municipality . Work will start  September 2015 and will be combined with necessary work on Javabrug and Koninginnegracht. It is expected that by then Mauritskade will be open for traffic. Hopefully the project will round down by the end of April 2016.

* All chestnut trees are checked twice a year. Chestnut trees that are ill have to be felled and will be replaced. The acacia trees on Riouwstraat that have been ‘marked’ are dead and will be removed; new trees will be planted.

* The renovation of Bankastraat that was due in January 2015 has been postponed; no date has been fixed so far. The introduction of the 30 km speed limit is still on the agenda.

* Illegal dumping of garbage on the kerb will be fined with 700 to 800 euros.

From our local police officer:

* Police station Karnebeek has been moved to Jan Hendrikstraat. Marianne Hoogervorst and Hans Plat will remain our local officers, but they now operate from the new address.

* A burglar alarm notice board was installed near the place delict to warn residents and ask them to be alert and report to the police when they see anything suspicious.

* In Balistraat double parking is increasing; the police practise zero-tolerance fining. The same holds good for Sumatrastraat where parking places for the disabled are used by non-disabled drivers.

The Working Groups deliver their reports:

Local Traffic. Multiple projects, great and small, run simultaneously and influence each other. The group is content with the consultation with the Municipality about the project Mauritskade.

Remains the question why the Municipality wants to start the project Javastraat earlier. Isn’t deviding the project into smaller parts (first 2 bridges and a smaal piece of Javastraat) and start the bigger section of the work in January/February 2016 a good alternative? No inconvenience during the Holiday Season for the shopkeepers and then one can start from Nassauplein. Tim Dike brought this to the attention of the chairman of the executive committee.

Urban Planning. The new development plan was passed. Now that superstructures on roofs are prohibited the beautiful silhouette of the rooftops on Atjehstraat will be preserved.

There has been consultation with a representative of the Municipality about a plan to build a 5 storey appartement building on Paramaribostraat that would be detrimental to the appearance of the neighbourhood. This plan will probably not be passed.

The plan to split up the monumental building  Burg. van Karnebeeklaan 17 into apartments has the attention of the working group.

The same holds good for the building on the corner Laan Copes/Nassauplein. The owner has the intention to split it up into 17 apartments long stay/short stay.

Urban Space. Derk Hazekamp considers a continuation of the informative evenings on planting in the urban space.

The green garden project on Atjehstraat will start in about 3 months.

Care and Well-Being. All over town are service points for care and well-being, but not in the Archipel where a large number of residents are over 75 and 80 years old. They have to go to the Townhall or to the service point in Scheveningen. Service points should have a radius of 1500 m. The problem seems to be that the Municipality cannot find a suitable building in our neighbourhood and remits Archipel residents to Benoordenhout. Why cannot Schakelpunt or Klokhuis have this function? At the shortest possible notice letters will be written to the Municipality and various political parties.

Neighbourhood media:

When finances allow the local newspaper will be printed in colour. Green will remain the main colour, special editions will be red. In the next edition the local paper will carry an article on the local media: the paper, the website and newsletter, the electronic wall posters.

The website will be made up-to-date. All committees are requested to check their members and add photos to the names.

28 February 2015 (MM)