Condensed Report Community Council Meeting 17-01-2013

Minutes Community Council Meeting, 17 January 2013, in ‘t Klokhuis
Freek Rademaker is second minutes secretary.
Trudy Hollander will continue her work until the end of 2013.

Explanation closing Vredeskapel by Mr. Adriaan van der Lely

The intended closing of De Vredeskapel is due to reduced numbers of attendants, resulting in budget deficit.

Until mid-June 2013 nothing will change; after that until mid-June 2014 services will be reduced to one per month. Then closing will be definite. The Foundation “Protestantse Kerken Archipel en Benoordenhout” will take care of the maintenance  of the building. The intention is to sell the building (which is a national monument). The adjacent buildings are property of the Foundation.

The congragation wants to find alternative sources of income for the exploitation of the building, sothat it need not be sold. They have time till June 2014 and maybe 2 years can be addded to this term. It will be  investigated whether after June 2014 there is still a future for the church as such, but alternatives like a more social function will also be considered. Support from the Community is very important, especially when one wants to send in a request to the Municipality for financial support. The Community Council is requested to participate and develop ideas for the Workinggroup.

Bert Bos will participate in the Workinggroup. Gillis Hooft Graafland will be available as advisor. On the Community website a appeal will go out to send in ideas to Adriaan van der Lely, Malakkastraat 63 or to .

Soundingboardgroup Javastraat

Final advice was sent to Mrs Adriana at Cityhall.  A reaction from the Municipality is expected end of January. Gillis Hooft Graafland asked the Municipality to publish the interim plan, which will probably be done in May or June. After that there will be room for participation (again). Mr Nieuwenhuis and Mr Dike wrote a letter with objections to the Board of the Residents Organisation. Christiaan Storm de Grave will deal with the matter.

Renovation Bankastraat

It is important to keep in mind that the planning of this renovation is still premature and provisional. The Municipality (project-leader Andre Vos) is working on it and Ingenieursbureau Den Haag is making an inventory of possible solutions, which range from doing nothing  to forbidding parking in (part of) the narrow part of Bankastraat,  from bicycle-lanes to one-way traffic in the narrow/higher part, whether or not the bus should continue to travel through, etc. The Municipality now confers with HTM and the Fire Brigade about the possible options.

So for now nothing will be done (there is hardly any money available), except starting in April Bankastraat between Laan Copes and Bankaplein will get new (silent) asphalt. This will be combined as much as possible with other work (like renewing draines) that needs to be done.

Installing lamp-posts and planting trees are included in the municipal budget.

Activities in the Workinggroups

Workinggroup Traffic: After many years of valuable work Roeland de Korte s leaving us.

Workinggroup Urban PlanningGerard Spierenburg sent the following email: 

Throughout 2013, starting 21 January, the Willemsparkschool will take its 160 pupils by bus to the temporary school location Rooseboomstraat 10 (Mariahoeve). Every day 3 busses will leave from Nassauplein, direction Laan Copes. During schoolvacations there will be no busses.

Take-off on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8.05 to 8.30 am and return from 15.15 to 15.45 pm. Wednesday take-off from 8.05 to 8.30 and return from 12.45 to 13.15 pm.

Bicycles can be parked against the half wall with the gate and on the other side of the square against the blind wall near Javastraat. Noticeboards will be placed near the snackbar.

Undoubtedly there will be some inconvenience, but we will try to reduce it to a minimum. After a number of weeks there will be an evaluation. When everything works out as planned this measure will after 10 weeks become an official decree.

For complaints please call Mr G. van der Hut, 06-53532668

City Hall answers questions:

– Tajiri’s sculpture “The Guardian” on Nassauplein will get a new lighting system

– The glasscontainers on Nassauplain have gone underground, the containers for plastic and clothing were moved to their new spots. The new noticeboard “short parking for depositing garbage” still takes some getting used to.

– The spotlights at the Bankaplein fountain were to weak and will be replaced by stronger ones.

– Three months ago the owner of the vegetable stall facing butchery Matla applied for new licence. Thus far there was no answer from City Hall. Arnout Offers will investigate the matter.

– Renovation of the sewer system of Celebesstraat and Malakkastraat is planned for this year.

Isabelle and Marjolijn made “seedbombs” (mixtures of seeds of flowering plants) that they would like to spread in the neighbourhood. We propose to the Municipality that we start this action in the grassy triangle Bankastraat/Kerkhoflaan en on the “south side” of the Burg.Patijnlaan. Gerard Spierenburg is asked to see to it that the Municipality does not mow these locations.

Bert Bos calls attention for the flyers of the event “The Time has Come” on 6 March in the Spuitheater. Volunteers are invited to participate in forming a “living digital clock” in order to show who the theater visitors are. One can register with Derk Hazekamp or at

Workinggroup Urban Planning. The Willemsparkschool has moved to its new address. Renovation is about to begin.

Betty Aardewerk asks a question about the ornaments of the former swimmingpool on Mauritskade. David answers that the Municipality does not take action. It is expected that the construction of the new Sportscentre will start soon. This subject has our attention, the same holds good for the search for the designer of the swimmingpool: Thijs Drenth.

Workinggroup Sustainability. The second Energy-Cafe has been a success. Subsidy was received for the making of an  energy-indicator – a summary of the yield of various ways of saving energy.

On 8 March 2013 the first of four Energy-Cafe’s for the coming year is planned. Theme: a sustainable roofgarden and  floor isolation.

Workinggroup Care and Wellbeing. Wednesday 27 February will be the first of the newly organized weekly informal afternoon at Het Schakelpunt for people whose memory is no longer functioning as it used to.

Foundation Archipel Poetry. In March poems will be placed on two walls.

Foundation Plein 1813 invites volunteers to help with various activities connected with the bi-centennial of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, starting 30 November 2013. There will be multiple celebrations, also at Scheveningen (the arrival of King Willem !). It is agreed that a notice will be published in the Community Paper (April) and on the websites.

Community Paper is working on various articles. There are less advertisers than last year. Annette ter Kuile will work out a method to find new advertisers and ask Trudy Hollander for a list of current advertisers.

Website. On 22 January 2013 there will be a joint meeting of Community Paper and websites.

Municipality and Police

Henk Kentgens represents the Police; his presence is much appreciated. The Repelaer Wood has the attention of the Police. Vandalism seems to occur mostly in the daytime; some culprits have been traced down, students of the Edith Stein College.

His colleague Marianne Hoogerbrugge has returned from maternity leave.

Police officers write tickets for cars parked on streetcorners.

Inhabitants of Balistraat often drive against the one-way traffic in their street; the Police will pay attention.

Gerard Spierenburg (Municipality The Hague): Flower tubs have been placed on Javastraat against the inconvenience  of cycling on the sidewalks. A pedestrians’ crossing will be made on the corner Burgemeester Patijnlaan/Burgemeester van Karnebeeklaan. And: damages due to New Year’s Eve celebrations were exceptionally small in our district.

Points at the end of the meeting

– Frits Hoorweg Points out the article about the Louis Couperus Foundation in De Volkskrant. The developments around the property of the Egyptian Embassy, Surinamestraat 20, are especially interesting (there aren’t any).

– Paul Casparie brings the dangerous situation of bicyclists on Javabrug to the attention and ask what can be done about it. It will be dealt with in the renovation of Javastraat.

– The corner Surinamestraat/Laan Copes needs attention: coming from Surinamestraat one cannot see traffic coming. Gerard Spierenburg will look into the matter.

The next Community Council Meeting will be Thursday 28 March, 20.00 pm in ‘t Klokhuis