Condensed Report Community Council Meeting of 21 January 2016

* Presentation of a plan for the prevention of car burglary in our neighbourhood; powerpoint presentation by Sven van Ee, student at the Police Academy
* A recent inspection of Nassauplein made it clear that maintenance is necessary; reports of inspections will from now on be published on the website and in the community newspaper of A&W
* A lengthy discussion about the plans for an international park that become ever grander; is Zuiderpark the example?
* Madurodam takes its chances to expand
* Before long regular maintenance work will be done in the Scheveningse Bosjes, a slight thinning of the wood as in former years; renewal of the consultation about the Bosjes is advisable
* The four days of sustainability in our neighbourhood will start on 6 February 2016
* Installation of underground refuse containers will probably begin next year
* The renovation of Bankastraat will start in January 2017

22 January 2016, AB  (MM)