Control Act Willemspark

As from 1 March until 11 April this year the draft control act for Willemspark will be available for perusal at the Den Haag Information Desk at Spui 70 on Mondays to Wednesdays and  Fridays between 9 am and 4 pm and on Thursdays between 9 am and 8 pm. The act can also be found on and at stadsdeel Centrum.

The area concerned is roughly bordered by Mauritskade, Zeestraat, Javastraat, Alexanderplein, Alexanderveld, Burgemeester Patijnlaan, Nassauplein and Schelpkade. The objective of the act is to define the present environmental structure within a legal planned framework. Both Willemspark and Burgemeester de Monchyplein contain for the greater part already developed residential areas, where in the last years no development has taken place and such development is not foreseen either. In view of this an act is required to regulate the control. The environmental policy that is now laid down in various zoning plans will be replaced by this control act. The basic concept is formed by the characteristic values of the area such as view, development and functionality.

During the period of perusal of the document one can object to the plans in writing to the municipal executive, care of DSO/BS+V/JZ, P.O. box   12655, 2500 DP Den Haag, reference ‘Beheersverordening Willemspark e.o.’. You can also object verbally after making an appointment via telephone number 070-353 3573.

Open house information. For this zoning plan an information session will be held. The precise date, time and location will be published on > Bestemmingsplannen Stadsdeel Centrum > Willemspark e.o..

Den Haag, 25 February 2013

On behalf of the Mayor and Council of the Hague, the Team manager of the Legal department of the Construction, Supervision and Service executive of the department of Urban Development, mr. R. Sakkee.

Planning determination control act: B&W 28-05, Cie 12-06, Raad 27-06

This control act concerns Willemspark I, that is the area around Plein 1813 (so not all of Willemspark).

When anyone sends in comments to the Municipality, one is requested to send a copy to the workinggroup urban space,  e-mail , sothat the workinggroup can give you its support.

27 February 2013, FH