Couperus Cahier XVII

Imagination brought to life. Couperus and the stage

On Monday 10 June 2019 the seventeenth Couperus Cahier was presented in the Louis Couperus Museum in The Hague:

Imagination brought to life. Couperus and the stage Rob van der Zalm.
Over the past hundred years, many Couperus novels have been adapted for the stage, from Eline Vereen The books of the little soul until The silent power. Rob van der Zalm in this booklet sketches the history of these arrangements, the different perspectives and the choices that the processors were faced with. He does this against the background of the developments in Dutch theater since the seventies. Finally, the author tries to convince the reader that new emotions can be drawn from old novels and that Couperus’ paper characters get a whole new life on stage. The cahier is beautifully illustrated with photos of many Couperus performances.

Rob van der Zalm is a university lecturer in the Theater Science chair group of the UvA. As a specialist in the field of Dutch theater history, he also worked at the Theater Institute Netherlands until it was dissolved at the end of 2012. He obtained his PhD in 1999 with a thesis on the staging history of Ibsen in the Netherlands and in 2011 – together with Suze van der Poll – edited a Dutch anthology from Ibsen’s letters. He has also published monographs on theater makers Shireen Strooker and Hans Croiset.

Couperus Cahiers
In 1995 the first Couperus Cahier appeared as the start of a series of essays and scientific publications from the Louis Couperus Society. Each cahier extensively highlights a certain aspect of the life or work of Louis Couperus. This booklet was edited by Mary Kemperink, Gé Vaartjes, Petra Teunissen, Hans Kreuzen and Marianne Hezemans (final editing).

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The Louis Couperus Genootschap was founded in 1993 to bring together enthusiasts of the work of Louis Couperus (1863-1923) and to stimulate scientific research into the life and work of the author. The Society organizes lectures, shows and other activities every year, focusing on the life and work of Couperus.