Couperus Museum

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Javastraat 17
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Located in ‘Mesdag-kwartier’, within walking distance of Panorama Mesdag in the Zeestraat, and Museum Mesdag on the Laan van Meerdervoort, the Louis Couperus museum is devoted to the life and works of Louis Couperus. It mounts two annual exhibitions showing various aspects of his oeuvre.

Louis Couperus (1863-1923) is one of the greatest Dutch novelists. He made his name at home in the Netherlands and in the Anglo-Saxon countries with psychological novels such as The Books of the Small Souls, The Hidden Force and Of Old People, the things that pass. From the age of forty onwards, he was more and more inspired by classical antiquity. Couperus, who firmly believed in reincarnation, was convinced he had been an ancient Roman in a previous life. His best work in this respect, The Mountain of Light, about the rise and fall of the deified emperor Heliogabalus, became very popular in Germany. On the whole one can say that his psychological novels had more success in England and the USA, whereas his historical works were more appreciated by the German-speaking public.

Louis Couperus Genootschap

The Louis Couperus Genootschap is the biggest literary society in the Netherlands. It organizes walks, lectures and publications on Louis Couperus. Contact P.J. Verhaar: 071 512 22 37.




Stichting Couperushuis Surinamestraat

Foundation to be dissolved once 20 Surinamestraat gets commemorative plaque

June 2011

The COUPERUS HOUSE Surinamestraat Foundation set up to purchase the former residence of the famous Dutch author Louis Couperus (1863 – 1923) at Surinamestraat 20 and turn it into a museum dedicated the writer, which would also house the Couperus Museum currently located on Javastraat, is finally to be dissolved. The endeavour failed due to a lack of government support. The board will however postpone dissolution until permission has been granted for the installation of a commemorative tablet on the façade of the house.

Couperus was born on Maurtiskade at number 43 and lived at 4 Nassauplein (then Nassaukade) before moving to Surinamestraat in 1884. The first two premises already have commemorative plaques.