Course on Flemish Primitives

Teacher:          Lorraine Décombe

Location              Panorama Mesdag
                     12 January  – 9 March (not on 2 February)
                      10.30 am – 12.30 pm
                      € 100, incl. prints

Registration: or telephone nr: 06-48666749

Around 1430 a “revolution” sparked off in Ghent: the brothers Van Eyck had painted the altar-piece Het Lam Gods (the Lamb of God). Realism, hidden symbolism, oil paints – three terms that from 1430 on characterize the works of three generations of Flemish Primitives. Who were the Flemish Primitives? What characteristics in their paintings were so revolutionary? Is there really a deeper symbolism hidden in their pictures?

In 8 weeks we will get to know some of the leading Flemish Primitives and we will search for answers to the above questions and many more. One lesson will be spent on the historical context – the Court of Burgundy  – and we will look into the revolution that takes place south of the Alps: the Italian Renaissance. Does the Renaissance influence the Flemish Primitives? Or can one perceive an influence that moves from  north to south? The last lesson will be dedicated to one painting that the participants will choose.

9 December 2012