Crossing Border Festival

 Crossing Border Festival


The Crossing Border Festival from 2 to 4 November in The Hague is one of the most progressive international music and literature festivals in Europe.  The festival is dedicated to invite some of the most compelling contemporary and alternative authors and musicians from all over the world, who share a passion for spoken word, lyrics and language. With one-off special performances where music and literature clash and collaborate on stage.

With performances taking place simultaneously on several stages, Crossing Border allows the audience to program their own personal festival in and around the Grote Markt. This year’s Crossing Border newly pledges to deliver an immense number of performances that will touch, move, beguile and entice all of us.

International and home-grown talent

As well as courting the biggest names from the international worlds of literature and music, the festival pays a great deal of attention to (still) undiscovered artists.

Friday and Saturday’s evening programmes have no fewer than 30 different events per night. Musical highlights include Nick Mulvey, the Senegalese Orchestra Baobab, American indie band Spoon, latest Belgian sensation Tamino, French-speaking (and singing) hip hop artist Baloji, hard core-jazz-postpunk crossover Robocobra and widely acclaimed jazz singer Melanie de Biasio.

Top names in literature include American activist and political commentator Rebecca Solnit, Afro-American author Margo Jefferson, Nigerian-British author Lesley Nneke Arimah, Egyptian filmmaker Omar Hamilton and the eccentric British artist and former stripper Cosey Fanni Tutti.

As a great number of guests come from abroad, English is the main spoken language for most of the events; however some local speakers from the Netherlands will use Dutch. The main language of each event is made clear in the programme.

Side programme

The festival will kick off with the awards ceremony for the prestigious European Literature Prize of the Dutch Foundation for Literature on 2 November. In addition to the 2 festival evenings, the festival will also feature Belle Idée, a programme dedicated to world literature written in French in the Humanity House.


An all-inclusive ticket for the evening programme for the whole weekend costs € 51. Separate tickets for either Friday or Saturday evening cost € 31. Discounts are available for CJP pass holders. These tickets include service costs and are available on the website of Crossing Border.

Visit for complete programme details.

pac 29 October 2017