Cultural Committee started

A new working group has been started: the Cultural Committee. Chairman: Bert Bos; secretary: Dymph van der Laan; members: Marjolein Bos, Marjan Bloem, Marie-Louise de Ridder, Tine Heystraten.

The aim of the Committee is: to organize at least once a year an event that will create opportunities for people – adults, youngsters, children, expats – to meet and make contact.

This year the  Committee will for the first time organize a cultural weekend on 20-21 September 2014. Some of the activities will be a round of visits to artists’ studios, a walk along the 30 (!) statues in our district and an evening theatre performance in De Vredeskapel.

The Comittee will apply for subsidy from the Municipality and Fonds 1818.

5 July 2014