Cycle lanes in both directions in narrow section of Javastraat

24 April 2012 – The Municipal Executive has announced its plan to install a cycle lane along the narrow section of Javastraat and Laan van Meerdervoort. Input from the community via a brainstorming group has been requested. Four to five meetings are planned for the period immediately after the summer vacation (end of August) till the end of the year.

The preferred variant would comprise among other things:

  • pavements 2 metres wide on either side of street

in Kijkduin direction

  • a clearly demarced “vrijliggend” cycle lane of 2 to­ 2.5 metres wide with a safety buffer lane
  • parking lane 2 metres wide
  • traffic lane 3 to 4 metres wide

in Wassenaar direction

  • a clearly demarced “vrijliggend” cycle lane 1.5 metres wide
  • which together with the traffic lane will provide a road surface of 4.5 metres, wide to accommodate emergency service vehicles

Official announcement Municipal Executive (in Dutch)

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City pledges two-way cycle path for Javastraat

17 June 2011 – The Alderman for Traffic, Peter Smit, has agreed to address the cycling access problem to Javastraat.

Following discussions with The Hague’s Groenlinks party, Traffic Alderman Smit has agreed to install a two-way bike path along the last section of Javastraat before it connects to Konninginegracht.

According to Groenlinks spokesman, Arjen Kapteijns, to gain access to the city centre cyclists coming from the direction of Benoordenhout have to travel via Laan Copes van Cattenburgh or Dr. Kuyperstraat.

“We want the Municipality to turn one of the car lanes into a two-way cycle path”, said Kapteijns during an interview with

This will involve some adjustments where Javastraat joins Laan van Meerdevoort in order to keep pollution levels down and the traffic flowing smoothly.

Apparently Alderman Smit has promised that the problem will be solved by the end of this year.

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