Development Plan Archipel laid down (18-12-2014)

18 December 2014 the Development Plan Archipel was laid down by the Municipal Council. For Archipel residents the most relevant points are:

1. superstructures on roofs are prohibited, except on Celebesstraat 89 and on a bloc of portico houses on Sumatrastraat

2. dividing houses is prohibited; with the possibility of exemption for  very large  houses,

3. when a building  with a mixed destination (GD) is (also) used as a home, only one home per floor is allowed,

4. extensions are limited to 9 m2 for homes and 15 m2 for mixed destinations (GD-3 and GD-4), with a maximum height of 3 m.

(So: no more building without a permit!!)

2 January 2015 (MM)